Friday, October 7, 2011

Sugar Coated Cardstock & Hairspray!!

I promised you a quick tip for using Doodlebug's very glittery Sugar Coated Cardstock. My tip is HAIRSPRAY!

I'm not talking about Hairspray the Musical or movie...

I'm talking about any type of aerosal HAIRSPRAY....

If your Sugar Coated cardstock will not be touching any of your photos then applying a thin layer of hairspray actually helps keep the glitter from flaking off the paper and onto your project, clothing or scrapbook room. But who doesn't love a little shimmer when they shake?? Since we doubt hairspray is acid free it's best to not use this technique when placing near your photos, but I just did a darling mini book and I wanted to use the Sugar Coated cardstock as the outside cover and this worked perfectly. Just spray it from about 10 inches away and let dry then you'll notice that you won't have glitter anywhere but on the Sugar Coated cardstock!!! 


  1. What fun is life without glittery sparkles?! That's no fun! We constantly have specs of glitter all over the house from the K-girl and her love for sparkly stuff.

  2. What a fun and easy tip! Thanks much!!!

  3. Great idea! I'll keep that in mind! Thanks!!

  4. great stuff.i really need to get one!thanks.


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