Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CHA Winter 2012 Release - Snips & Snails Collection

CHA Winter 2012 Release - Snips & Snails Collection is the second collection that we're featuring here on our blog. Yesterday you got to see the fun Hello Spring Collection. 

And we are also releasing new colors of our very popular Storybook Albums in 8x8 and 12x12! 
New 12x12 bubble Blue Storybook Album 
New 8x8 bubble Blue Storybook Album


How would you like to win this new release collection? Just like yesterday, help us spread the word. Share a link about this post and tell your friends to come and check it out. You can share by email, Facebook, Twitter, message boards or word of mouth and leave a comment here on what you did to spread the word (each format will count as an entry).

Join us tomorrow for another fun release....

Monday, January 30, 2012

CHA Winter 2012 Release - Hello Spring Collection

Did you see our post from yesterday? It shows some great pictures of our booth at CHA!! And now, we are so excited to introduce you to our first CHA Winter 2012 Release - Hello Spring. Bunnies and blossoms are sure to brighten up your paper crafting and scrapbook projects. 

And we're release new colors of our Doodle Twine...you're going to love them! In fact, we're releasing three new Assortment (six colors per card) and six Spools. You have to agree you can never have enough twine! 


How would you like to win one of our new release collections? Then help us spread the word. Share a link about this post and tell your friends to HOP ON OVER and check it out. You can share by email, Facebook, Twitter, message boards or word of mouth and leave a comment here on what you did to spread the word (each format will count as an entry).

Join us tomorrow for another fun release....

CHA Winter - Soaking Up the Sun in Anaheim 2012

We are so excited to be here in Anaheim and not because it's 34 degrees back home and almost 80 degrees here. But our new releases are some of our favorites and you will love them. We'll start showing off our new product releases starting tomorrow on the blog. Help us spread the word too and you could win that day's collection. We'll post details about the giveaways.

Here's a few pictures of our crew setting up the booth here at CHA:

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sweet Way to repurpose product packaging by Elizabeth (giveaway)

I created this for Alyssa. I always do something small for her the morning of Valentine's Day because I love her so! This year I wanted to make something she could take to school with her and eat at lunch time. So I took one of these

and created one of these!


Supply list: Doodlebug Design 6x6 paper pad Sweet Cakes, American Crafts this to that foam dots box, Doodle Twine Valentines assortment, Doodlebug Boutique Brads Cupcake assortment, Doodlebug Boutique Buttons Lily white and Ladybug assortment, Doodlebug Fancy Frills Sweet Cakes, Doodlebug Icons Sweet Cakes, Doodlebug Cute Cuts Sweet Cakes, CM corner rounder.

Remember to click on links, follow my blog, leave comments so you can be entered in to win this really cute collection!!!! Thanks for playing!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Love Letter Mailbox by Jing-Jing

I got this little red mailbox from Target many moons ago and finally I have found the most perfect Valentine's collection: sweet cake that match the red exactly. This will make a sweet little gift for someone, so I thought.

 Of course, one never has any peace while working on important projects.  Second Born just couldn't stay in her room long enough to let me finish my work.  She kept on coming over and playing with my box of Doodlebug sweet collection. Not that I can blame her, the colors are so vibrant and design completely adorable.  I tried to pacify her by offering up several pieces of scraps which she gladly accepted, nothing bigger than 2x2 inches of course! However, she continue to linger and pester me to find out who is getting this little mailbox.  Finally in exasperation, I told her that she can have it if only she would just leave me to finish it!  She squealed with delight and immediately returned the scraps I gave her earlier back to me.  "Now that I'm getting the mailbox, you can have these back!" LOL.  So much for making a gift for someone else, I guess this one is going to Second Child's room!  :)
Supply list:  Boutique buttons: cupcake assortment; Sweet cake collection: heart to heart, lots of love, baby cakes, cute cuts, fancy frills; Doodle twine: valentines assortment; Doodle-pops: baby cake

And now for the giveaway, visit my blog at http://thislittleartofmine.blogspot.com and become a follower and leave a comment and then back here and leave a comment, you are then entered to win the Sweet Cakes line!  Winners will be announced on January 31 right here!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Valentine Door Hanger Treat Holders by Tiffany

by Tiffany Hood

These cute door hanger treat holders are a fun idea to surprise someone you love on Valentine’s Day.  I’m planning on putting them on my kids’ doors for them to find that morning.  I think they’ll be pretty excited!

To make these treat holders, start with a 12x12 piece of cardstock from the Sweet Cakes Collection and trim the paper to 5” x 12.”

Starting at the bottom, measure up 4” and score horizontally.  Measure up another ¾” and score again.

Measure ¾” along both long edges and score

Cut where the most recent two score lines intersect with the first two score lines as shown in the photo.

After cutting, your tabs will look like this.  Now measure up another 4” on each side, above where you cut the tabs, and mark another line.  This time instead of cutting tabs, cut out the area at the top of the paper as shown in the photo.

Now your door hanger is beginning to take shape.  The last thing you’ll cut is the hole for the doorknob.  Trace a 2 ½” circle at the top of the paper in the center.  I used the bottom of a child’s cup.   Or you could use a circle cutter or a punch or your electronic cutting machine.  Just make sure it’s big enough to fit around your doorknob.

At this point you can laminate your door hangers if you wish.  I chose to do this because I wanted them to last and also because I didn’t want them to tear if my kids got a little too excited about taking them off their doors when they saw them.  I designed these to fit into a Xyron 5” Creative Station, and I used the Zyron two-sided laminating roll.  Be sure to feed it in perfectly straight to avoid bubbles.

Now it’s time to assemble!  I used a couple of strips of “Sticky Strip” or “Tacky Tape” on each side.  Place it on the back of the top large tab.  Use ½” wide tape if you have it, it’ll hold better.  I only had ¼” wide.  Fold all the tabs in and close the pocket.  Press the adhesive well to secure the sides.

That’s the glory of double sided cardstock!  The pocket’s instantly two colors!  Cute, huh?

Now just embellish however you want to.  I used Doodlebug’s Cute Cuts Die Cuts, Fancy Frills Stickers, Icons Stickers, Love Assortment Boutique Brads, and some ribbon.

Fill with candy and hang on the door for a fun Valentine’s Day surprise!

Supply List: Sweet Cakes icons cardstock stickers, Sweet Cakes fancy frills cardstock stickers, Boutique Brads- Love Assortment, Sweet Cakes Cute Cuts die cuts, Candy Hearts double sided cardstock, Sweets double sided cardstock, Hugs & Kisses double sided cardstock

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nancy's "SWEET" Giveaway + a HOP!

by Nancy Damiano

With Valentine's day just around the corner, I've been hard at work making token gifts and cards for those I love. The week I've been working on boxes full of Sweethearts and gift cards for my son's teachers. And what better way to do it than with the Sweet Cakes line!

SUPPLY LIST:  Sweet Cakes Fancy Frills, Sweets Paper, Berry Sweet Paper, Hugs&Kisses Paper, Babycakes Paper, Valentine Doodletwine assortment, Sweetheart Doodlepop, Thank You Doodles Sticker, Bubblegum Create-a-Card.

I started out by making the box with the Silhouette using two different Sweet Cakes patterns - a print for the top box and a more classic dot print for the actual box. I also lined the box with a stripe pattern for some contrast. Next I filled it up with packages of Sweethearts and a gift card from our local movie theater.

I used a piece of acetate for the window of the box and some jewels to decorate the white border. I made a 'garland' of hearts using twine and some punched out hearts. I think it adds a little whimsy and a cute decorative touch. 

And now for the giveaway --- visit my blog at www.thepaperorchard.blogspot.com and leave a comment (there are more photos there too) and then come back to the Doodlebug blog, leave a comment here and  YOU'RE ENTERED to win the Sweet Cakes line! Winners will be announced on 1/31/12 right here.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Doodle Card Sketch Day 4 - Wendy, Stephanie & Elizabeth

Win the new Sweet Cakes Collection: Remember to post your card creations utilizing our Doodle Card sketch to Facebook and we'll pick a winner and announce on Monday!!

Thank You Sweetie by Wendy Sue Anderson

Putting together a hand-made card couldn’t be easier when you use a sketch and a fun line of product!  I used the sweet cakes collection for my card, but instead of a “love” theme, I opted to use a “thank you” sticker to make it more generic – love how versatile these lines can be since there are so many coordinating items in all of the sets! J
Supply List: Sweet Cakes Cheery Cherries Paper;  Sweet Cakes Lots of Love paper; Sweet Cakes fancy frills sugar coated cardstock sticker; Sweet Cakes cute cuts; Valentines Doodle Twine;  Cupcake mini jewels; Bubblegum Mini Jewels; Multi-color thank you stickers

You Card by Elizabeth Carney

Supplies: Sweet Cakes Fancy Frill Sugar Coated Cardstock Stickers, Sweet Cakes Sugar Coated Cardstock Stickers, Sweet Cakes Cute Cuts 12X12 Die Cut Sheet, Doodlebug Doodle Twine Valentines Assortment, Doodlebug Design Mini Jewels Lily White Assortment, Doodlebug Jack & Jill cardstock stickers, Baby Cakes 12X12 Sweet Cakes Collection Paper, Doodlebug Slim Sunburst Create-A-Card Assortment.

I Love You Card by Stephanie Buice

Supply List: Sweet cakes 6x6 paper pad, sugar coated cardstock, lots of love patterned paper (sweet cakes collection), icons cardstock stickers (sweet cakes collection)

Doodle Card Sketch Day 3 - Aphra, Ro & Kathy

Another day of more card ideas you'll LOVE!! Speaking of things we love...

....we love Pinterest and did you know Doodlebug is on Pinterest? Go follow our boards and you'll find it a great way to reference our fun projects and blog posts. You can find us here: http://pinterest.com/doodlebug_inc/

I Love You Card by Kathy Martin
Supply List: Hugs & KissesValentine Twine and Side B, Doodle-Pops – Baby Cake, Doodles – I Love You, Boutique Buttons – Ladybug Assortment, Fancy Frills

Sweet Card by Aphra Bolyer

Supply List:  Sweet Cakes 6 x 6 Paper Pad; Sweet Cakes Fancy Frills;  Sweet Cakes Cute Cuts; Sweet Cakes Sugar Coated Stickers; Berry Sweet Doodle-Pop.

Adorable, Lovable by Ro Philippsen

Supply list: 
- Sweet cakes 6"x6" paper pad; cheery cherries - double-side cardstock; fancy frills cardstock sticker; sugar coated cardstock sticker; Sweet cakes - sute cuts; baby cake doodle-pops; valentines doodle twine.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Doodle Card Sketch Day 2 - Melinda, Jessy & Tiffany

Here's more great inspiration using our Doodle Card Sketch for the month of 
January, featuring our Sweet Cakes Collection
PageMap Sketch

You Are So Sweet by Melinda Spinks
Can card making get any better when it comes to using a 'Creat-a-Card' from the Doodlebug collection? I always struggled with my card designs but having these little cards already cut, designed and trimmed takes away half the stress and means I only have the fun stuff to do... the decorating! And using the new Sweet Cakes collection with its gorgeous pinks and reds and scrummy borders and doodlepops, it doesn't take long before a card is finished and ready to be posted!

 Supply List: Create-a-card A6 Paisley Bubblegum; Sweet Cakes - Cute Cuts; Sweet Cakes - Fancy Frills Sugar Coated; Doodlepops - Baby Cakes; Mini Jewels - Bubblegum; Jack & Jill Alphabet Rub ons - Ladybug.

Love Birds by Tiffany Hood
Card Supplies: Sweet Cakes Cute-Cuts, Doodle Twine- Valentines Assortment Doodle-Pops- Love Birds, Sugar coated cardstock-Silver, Chenille cardstock- Lily White

Happy Birthday by Jessy Cartwright
Supply list: Sweet Cakes Collection 6x6 paper pad, Doodle-pops cuppy cake, Doodle twine Valentine assortment, Cardstock stickers (happy birthday: lily white)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Puffy Paper Hearts by Monique

Hi everyone,
Today it's my turn (Monique) to show you a project of mine made with the gorgeous "Sweet Cakes" line!
As soon as I laid my eyes on this happy & romantic line ideas started popping in. Apart from making layouts (what I usually do) there are so many home decor items you can use this line for! Here's one I really love:

Here in The Netherlands the winter has been very grey and rainy and a bouquet like this always manages to cheer me up!
If you want to give it a try too, here's what you do:
* Gather your supplies: Doodlebug's Sweet Cakes 6x6 Paper Pad, Doodle twine (Valentines and Valentines assortment), Doodlebug buttons and some tools: paper piecer, push pad, scissors, needle, some batting material, pencil & eraser and something to draw hearts (I used an "empty" chipboard frame).
* Place your heart frame on the paper and draw a few hearts:

* Cut out the hearts, place them on top of each other and piece holes along the edge. Take care you don't piece too close to the edge otherwise your paper will tear once you pull the twine through it. Then cut a length of twine and sew around the edge of the heart. Start almost a the bottom, leaving a gap to fill the heart later on and sew your way up, like this:
* Once you reach the top of the heart adhere 2 buttons; one on either side of the heart and make a loop before you start sewing again:
* When you're 3/4 done fill the heart with some filling material:
* I used my scissors to make sure the filling reached all the little corners:
* Continue to sew the heart together and it will look like this:
* Here's what all the hearts looked like together. As there are so many different designs in the paper pad almost all the hearts look different!
And here's how the bouquet looks on my table:
and a close-up:

This is it! I hope you like it and if you decide to give it a try, please link your photo to Doodlebug's blog so we can see yours!

Thanks for visiting Doodlebug's blog today!
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