Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Valentine Door Hanger Treat Holders by Tiffany

by Tiffany Hood

These cute door hanger treat holders are a fun idea to surprise someone you love on Valentine’s Day.  I’m planning on putting them on my kids’ doors for them to find that morning.  I think they’ll be pretty excited!

To make these treat holders, start with a 12x12 piece of cardstock from the Sweet Cakes Collection and trim the paper to 5” x 12.”

Starting at the bottom, measure up 4” and score horizontally.  Measure up another ¾” and score again.

Measure ¾” along both long edges and score

Cut where the most recent two score lines intersect with the first two score lines as shown in the photo.

After cutting, your tabs will look like this.  Now measure up another 4” on each side, above where you cut the tabs, and mark another line.  This time instead of cutting tabs, cut out the area at the top of the paper as shown in the photo.

Now your door hanger is beginning to take shape.  The last thing you’ll cut is the hole for the doorknob.  Trace a 2 ½” circle at the top of the paper in the center.  I used the bottom of a child’s cup.   Or you could use a circle cutter or a punch or your electronic cutting machine.  Just make sure it’s big enough to fit around your doorknob.

At this point you can laminate your door hangers if you wish.  I chose to do this because I wanted them to last and also because I didn’t want them to tear if my kids got a little too excited about taking them off their doors when they saw them.  I designed these to fit into a Xyron 5” Creative Station, and I used the Zyron two-sided laminating roll.  Be sure to feed it in perfectly straight to avoid bubbles.

Now it’s time to assemble!  I used a couple of strips of “Sticky Strip” or “Tacky Tape” on each side.  Place it on the back of the top large tab.  Use ½” wide tape if you have it, it’ll hold better.  I only had ¼” wide.  Fold all the tabs in and close the pocket.  Press the adhesive well to secure the sides.

That’s the glory of double sided cardstock!  The pocket’s instantly two colors!  Cute, huh?

Now just embellish however you want to.  I used Doodlebug’s Cute Cuts Die Cuts, Fancy Frills Stickers, Icons Stickers, Love Assortment Boutique Brads, and some ribbon.

Fill with candy and hang on the door for a fun Valentine’s Day surprise!

Supply List: Sweet Cakes icons cardstock stickers, Sweet Cakes fancy frills cardstock stickers, Boutique Brads- Love Assortment, Sweet Cakes Cute Cuts die cuts, Candy Hearts double sided cardstock, Sweets double sided cardstock, Hugs & Kisses double sided cardstock


  1. Such a CUTE Project! I might have to make some of those for my Grandkids! TOO CUTE. Thanks for sharing. Have a GREAT Day,
    Me-Ma Kim
    kimnsammy at gmail dot com

  2. Love the door hangers. What a great idea!

  3. Love this! ANd I have the perfect Doodlebug stickers to use! (and I can dust of that xyron laminate cartridge I haven't tried yet!) Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. OMG! What a fantastic idea! I'm DEFINATELY going to make me some of these!! :-) Thank you so much for the inspiration :-) x

  5. Tiffany!! Love these, and such a good idea! I so wish I had thought of that!

  6. these are so cute and would make great Valentine's for the grandkids.

  7. Wow these are fab! May have to have a go at making one for the bf lol, he'd defo appreciate the sweets! Rach xx

  8. Great idea!!! I like the door hanger.

  9. Thanks so much for the great idea! My girls are going to love making these. I featured it on my blog: http://www.organizinghomelife.com/archives/1998

  10. I just made these today for my three grandchildren. Very easy and turned out so cute. Thanks for the great project :)


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