Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fun in the Sun Milk Carton Gifts by Wendy Sue

Well, hello there Doodlebug friends!  It's been a while since I've been here with you, but I am SO excited to be visiting here today!  I absolutely love (x 100) the new Fun in the Sun collection, so I couldn't wait to create a fun little gift box trio.

"Fun in the Sun" milk carton treat boxes by @wendysue for @doodlebugdesign

To begin, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the milk cartons from white cardstock. I wanted to decorate each box differently, and I love that they are unique, but coordinate!

First, I created the pink flamingo box.  I love the patterned paper with all of the flamingos in a row - and the pink polka dot on the opposite side is pink perfection!

"Fun in the Sun" milk carton treat boxes by @wendysue for @doodlebugdesign

Of course, a pink flamingo doodle-pop must be the center of attention on this card.

"Fun in the Sun" milk carton treat boxes by @wendysue for @doodlebugdesign

 Add a die-cut frame, some sunshine, a sweet sentiment, and my new favorite matte sprinkles (gasp! I love these!), and this little gift box is almost complete!

Next, the palm tree gets to take center stage, the paradise palm, to be exact!

"Fun in the Sun" milk carton treat boxes by @wendysue for @doodlebugdesign

Did you know you can make a sticker banner look like its floating?  Simply rub baby powder on about 3/4 of the sticker back.  Press down the left edge of the banner to stick on the box.  Then just use your fingers to slightly curl the powdered portion.  

"Fun in the Sun" milk carton treat boxes by @wendysue for @doodlebugdesign

Finally, the pineapple on top!  I layered several different printed die-cut shapes.

"Fun in the Sun" milk carton treat boxes by @wendysue for @doodlebugdesign

 I used some of the cute little dots from the shaped sprinkles set - isn't it the cutest flower center?!?

"Fun in the Sun" milk carton treat boxes by @wendysue for @doodlebugdesign

After I filled each box with treats (think colorful gumballs, jordan almonds, or candy-coated mints...any colorful treat will do),  I secured each box top with folded doodle tape flags! Then I added a matte sprinkle to the top.

"Fun in the Sun" milk carton treat boxes by @wendysue for @doodlebugdesign

I know summer is winding down, but I'm not ready to let it go just yet.  And with projects like this one, I hope to keep spreading the summer lovin' for at least a few more weeks!

"Fun in the Sun" milk carton treat boxes by @wendysue for @doodlebugdesign

Thanks for letting me share a project here with all of you today - it was fun to be back!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Featuring our Fans from Pinterest

Another day of featuring some of our amazingly talented FANS, but today we're checking them out on Pinterest. If you're not already following us on Pinterest, you should, here's a link to our Pinterest profile. Thanks fans for sharing your talents with us!

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Featuring our Fans from Facebook

We thought it would be fun to featured some of our FANS' creations featuring Doodlebug's products. Today we're featuring darling craft projects from our Facebook feed. If you have ever shared a project with us there, we do see them, we love them and we want to THANK YOU. Below are a few of those fun creations!

And if you're not already following us on Facebook, you should! Tomorrow we will be featuring projects we found on Pinterest.
Created by Heather Wilson Shank

Created by Janine Meeth Tinklenberg‎
Created by Peggy Bauer
Created by Kathy Skou for Lori Whitlock Designs

Friday, August 26, 2016

Kids Craft Challenge: Paper Ball Garland by Tya

Hi Everyone! Its Tya here , and it is my turn to share with you my project for the Kids Craft Challenge. I have older kids so finding the time to craft with them is a little tricky, so I wanted to share a quick and easy craft that is really fun. My 14 year old daughter is crafty like her mama and she loves making things to decorate her room , so when I stumbled on this cute paper ball garland that she had mentioned she wanted to try I knew I had to showcase this project.
 To make this project I used the following:
-Petite Print paper strips 1/2 inch x 12 inches
- Glue dots, or sticky strip

Let me walk you through how to make the garland:
Step one-
Trim the paper into (4) 1/2 x 12inch strips
Step 2 -
Gently fold the strips in half. We do this so when glue the strips together we can see where the center of the strips are.

Step 3-
Take 2 of the strips and add adhesive to the centers of both strips .Make a cross.
Step 4-
Take the other 2 strips and criss- cross them on top of the first group of strips Add adhesive to the center of just the bottom strip. You don't need adhesive on the very top strip.
Step 5-
To create the ball , add adhesive to each end of the strips. Start folding all the strips to the center as shown.
Here is what the balls look like when they are all put together-
To complete the garland I made a few of the balls and strung them on a piece of Chunky Twine. To finish them off we added a cute button to the top the ball.

These are so easy to make and honestly a little addicting too! We thought of all the fun ways these could be used - as a room decor, as party decor or a fun ornament on a Christmas tree as well. Lots of endless possibilities! Thanks for joining me today! Happy Crafting!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kids Craft Challenge: Captain America Framed Art by Melinda

"Make me a Captain America Shield" was the answer my four year old son gave me when I posed the question of what children's project he would like me to create with him. That probably wasn't the response I was expecting but he was insistent that was all he wanted. Next time I don't think I'll ask.

He loves the Avengers and has a few of the characters but Captain America seems to be the one he carts around with him the most. At first I had no idea how to make a shield with paper until we talked about it a bit more and he said he would like a picture to go on his wall above his bed. Now THAT I could manage.

I dragged out every red, white and blue embellishment and paper I could find after tracing the shape onto my white cardstock with an engraving tool.

There was a very eclectic mix of collections used but that didn't pose any issues as I was only after the colour and not the theme.

The finished result left me devoid of nearly every red, white and blue embellishment I had on hand but one little man was super excited to have his Captain America Art hanging above his bed.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope I have given you some inspiration for that Avenger loving little person in your family.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Kids Craft Challenge: Paper Bag Vacation Album by Kathy

Hi Everyone!  It's Kathy today with my take on the Kid's Craft Challenge.  No mom wants to hear "I'm bored" over summer vacation, and for some reason my answer of "you can always clean your room," is not well received.  I thought it would be good to come up with a project for the Tweens and Teens.  This paper bag mini album would be fun for them to put together and decorate!  You could also do this with the littles, they would just need a bit more help with the assembly. Your kids can make one to document summer vacation, or create a book about themselves or a pet! I put one together ahead of an upcoming vacation, my daughter and I are looking forward to adding in pictures and journaling when we return.  Here's how to make one yourself!
Start with some plain old lunch bags.  I started with 5, but you can do more or less depending on the desired size of the album.

I wanted a square album, so I cut my bags to be 10" long. (finished album 5x5)

I used some adhesive to secure the flap on the bottom of the bag.  This helps the album lie flat.

Next, I scored the bag down the center (at the 5" mark)  This is to help the bags fold in half more cleanly.

Once the bags are scored, layer them one on top of the other, alternating the open side of the bag.

Using a ruler, mark 1" from each edge of the top bag.  This is were you will punch your holes for binding.

I piled all of the bags together, and punched the holds all at once with my Crop-a-Dial.

The next step is optional.  I added some small eyelets to make the holes more sturdy.

I used some Doodlebug Chunky Twine in Limeade to secure all of my layers together.  A tip on threading the twine:  After cutting your twine length, take some clear liquid glue and rub it on the ends of the twine.  This will help you be able to thread the twine more easily through the holes and it will also keep the ends from fraying.

And now for the most fun part.... decorate!  I covered each page with a 4.75" square piece of patterned paper from the Fun in the Sun Collection.  I also made some inserts for journaling and added some tags from the Labels and Tags as tabs on the pages.  These inserts fit nicely into the "pockets" made by the open ends of the bags.

And here is the finished product!  The This and That, and Icon Stickers along with the new Bits and Pieces make it so easy to decorate!!
 That's it for me today!  Be sure to stop by the blog for more Kid's Crafts Inspiration this week!  Thanks for stopping by to peek!
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