Monday, August 15, 2016

Kids Craft Challenge: Matching Game by Traci

Introducing the Doodlebug "Kids Craft" Challenge. We asked our Design Team to show you what they could create for or with their kids using our products and we're kicking off this challenge with Traci Pendrod's darling project!!

Hi everyone!  It's Traci, from Artsy Albums, back to share a great project to do with your children or grandchildren.  Have them help you create a fun, memory card game.  
Do you remember playing "Concentration" as a kid?  It was one of my favorite card games, so I decided to make a memory card set and a cute 3x4 card box to hold the cards.  The box is a .svg cutting file designed by Lori Whitlock especially for this project, and can be purchased on her website here.  
I cut white card stock into 26, 3" x 4" cards and then I added the 2.75"x3.75" aqua dot (puppy love) paper to the front of the cards so that they all matched.
Now for the fun part!  I covered the back of the cards with different colorful papers from the Puppy Love, Kitten Smitten, and Fun in the Sun collections and then added stickers and die cuts.  I made two of each design so that there are 13 matching pairs.  Have your little ones help you with all of the stickers, and then teach them how to play!
The game:
Lay all of the cards out on a table, face down in rows to create a large rectangle.
The first player turns over 2 cards to see if they match.  If the two cards match, the player keeps the pair and takes another turn.  
If the cards do not match, the cards are turned back over in the same spot.  Everyone should try to remember the pictures on the cards, and where they are located.
Now it's the next player's turn and he or she turns over two cards to see if they match.  
Play continues like this until all pairs have been picked up.  The winner is the person with the most matching pairs.  
Have fun designing your cards!  With all of the wonderful Doodlebug stickers and die cuts, the possibilities for this project are endless!!


  1. So adorable! Love this darling idea! :)

  2. Traci these are so stinking cute!!! What a great idea!

  3. Such a great idea Traci! I think this is a great idea! Nice job!


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