Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from All of Us at Doodlebug

Friday, October 28, 2011

Guest Designer: Tamara's Treat Boxes (giveaway)

I'm so excite to have Tamara Tripodi from Happy Life, Crafty Wife being featured today on the Doodlebug blog. These are some projects I saw her post on her own blog and I couldn't wait to show them off. She'll be coming back to Guest Blog for us again soon with some project never before seen.

She posted these amazing treat boxes and stated on her blog, "I was going to make treat boxes and try and weld shapes in Sure Cuts a Lot to make the monsters!" So check out her adorable creations and be sure to jump over to her blog to see HOW she created them!! She's also going a giveaway on her blog (read below).

Tamara is offering a GIVEAWAY on her blog today. Click here to find out how you could win. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Halloween Inspiration from our Team

We have had a blast sharing our monsterously cute creations with you this week. Be sure to click over to our team blogs whenever you need more ideas, they're amazing! We'll wrap up this week tomorrow with a surprise Guest Designer and her boo-tiful ideas!! 

Spooky Buddies by Nancy Damiano

Supply List: Create A Card Polka Dot in Licorice; Patterned Paper: Petite Prints Stripe in Beetle Black, Petite Prints Grid in Swimming Pool, Monster Mania Doodle Cut paper; Doodle Pops: Scaredy and Boogie; Cardstock Stickers: Monster Mania Icons, Jack + Jill Lilly White Alphabet; Doodletwine: Halloween Assortment; Braddies: Spidies; Boutique Brads: Spookytown Assortment; Other: Pop-Dots

Quick Halloween Cards by Kandis Smith

The Doodlebug Collection kits make it sooo easy to create cards in a snap! Everything coordinates and works together to make gorgeous results! This card set was made in 30 minutes! 

Supply List:  Halloween Assortment Boutique Brads; Boutique Buttons Limade assortment; Mini Jewels Tangerine assortment; Doodle-pops Batty; Doodles Cardstock Stickeres happy Halloween in lily white
Boutique Buttons in beetle Black; Monster Mania Fancy Frills; Monster Mania Icons; Monster Mania collection kit

Happy Halloween Set by Elizabeth Carney

Don't forget to create a card that coordinates with the gift you're giving like this darling set Elizabeth created with the 

Supply List: Doodlebug Monster Mania Monster dots papers; Doodlebug Monster Mania Monster stripes papers, Doodlebug icons Monster Mania, Doodlebug Monster Mania cut-outs, Doodlebug doodle twine Halloween assortment.

Other supplies: American Crafts cardstock, CM corner rounder.
Designer note: This collection will be a cute addition to any teacher's desk for Halloween! I made this for Alyssa to give to her favorite teacher at school, who just happens to love Halloween!

Sweet Witch by Jing-Jing Nickel
Supply List: Icons  3111 Monster Mania; Boutique brads 2210 Trick or treat; Cute cuts 3103 Monster Mania; Shin-dig 2065 tangerine; Hopscotch 1739 lily white; 3107 monster mania doodle-cut; Monster Mania 3060 Hallows eve; Monster Mania 3057 pumpkin patch; Monster Mania 3062 Monster Stripes

Simply Trick-or-Treat Bags by Jing-Jing Nickel
Supply List: Boutique brads 2210 trick or treat; Monster Mania 3066 spinning spiders; Monster mania 3061 monster chat; Monster mania 3062 monster stripes; Monster mania 3057 pumpkin patch; Cute cuts 3103 Monster Mania; Monster mania 3065 4x6 cut-outs; doodle-pops 3047 scaredy, doodle-pops 3046 punkin; fancy frills 3115 monster mania

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Non-Halloween Projects using Monster Mania

I know for many of our followers around the globe that Halloween is not a holiday you celebrate. I even had a friend in New Zealand mention that she hates this time of year when all the crafty bloggers only focus on Halloween crafts and scrapbook projects. So today's post is for my friends who simply want to be inspired. We're going to show you some fun ideas on how to use the Monster Mania collection for NON-HALLOWEEN projects!!

My Monster Boys by by Ro Philippsen
The "Monster Mania" Collection is perfect not just for Halloween Projects, it is perfect also for funny layouts and for boy layouts, because the colors are beautiful and the little monsters are sooo cute! I loved  create these two "non-Halloween" layouts using "Monster Mania" Collection.

Supply List: 3059 monster dots - double-sided cardstock; 3058 tricky tweed - double-sided cardstock;  3103 monster mania - cute cuts; 3107 monster mania - doodle cuts; 3111 monster mania - sugar coated cardstock sticker; 3048 hug bug - doodle-pops; 3049 boogie - doodle-pops; 2442 spooky town - boutique brads; - 2065 tangerine - cardstock sticker

Happy Monsters by Jessy Christopher

Supply List: Doodle Twine: Ladybug; Doodle-Pops: Hug Bug, Boo; Patterned Papers: Monster Dots, Pumpkin Patch; Cardstock: Assorted Cut-Outs; Cardstock: 4x6 Cut Outs, Swimming Pool Dot-Grid (petite prints); Cardstock Stickers: Fancy Frills, Sayings - Multicolor Halloween, 3111 Monster Mania

Party!!! Layout by Ro Philippsen

Supply List: 3066 spinning spiders - sugar coated - double-sided cardstock; 3058 tricky tweed; double-sided cardstock; 3063 monster mania - double-sided cardstock; 3107 monster mania  doodle cuts; 3064 monster mania assorted cut-outs - double-sided cardstock; 3062 monster stripe -  double-sided cardstock; 3103 monster mania - cute cuts; 2995 halloween - doodle twine; 3111 monster mania - sugar coated cardstock sticker; 3115 monster mania - fancy frills - sugar coated cardstock sticker; 3047 scaredy - doodle-pops; 2210 trick or treat boutique brads

Birthday Card Set by Melinda Spinks

Supply List: A6 Swiss Dot Cards: Tangerine, Limeade, Beetle Black; Monster Mania: Sugar Coated Cardstock Stickers; Monster Mania: Sugar Coated Fancy Frill Stickers; Doodle Twine: Halloween Assortment; Boutique Brads: Spooky Town, Halloween, Trick or Treat Assortments; Doodles Cardstock Stickers: Lily White Happy Birthday
Other Supplies Used: Darling Charm Packaging; M&M's
Designer Tip: The A6 Swiss Dots cards have a pre-punched hole which is ideal for adding some clear packaging containers and popping in a handfull of MnM's or other small treats that make the cutest birthday cards and the kids just love the little surprise!

Batman in New York by Monique Liedtk
I had so much fun creating this. I woke up with a head-ache this morning (jetlag?), but creating with all my Doodlebug products totally cured it! I'm one happy girl!!! 
Supply List: Patterned Paper: Monster Mania & Petite Prints, Borders: Paper Frills (swimming pool) & Fancy Frills (Monster Mania), Boutique Brads (Trick or Treat Assortment), Doodle-pops: Batty Letter stickers: Candy Shoppe (lily white), Shin-Dig (beetle black) & Simply Sweet (tangerine), Doodle Twine: Halloween


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: Wendy's Treat Bags

Hi Doodlebug fans!  I’m Wendy Sue and I’m excited to be able to share a fun little tutorial with you today!  I love, love, love making cards to give to my family and friends.  Oftentimes, when I give these cards, I do not put them in an envelope – sometimes because they are too bulky and other times because I like to add them to the top or front of a gift directly.  In any case, I always end up with extra envelopes.   I have a fun little project I like to do with my extra envelopes – I turn them into mini gift bags!
I learned how to make these little bags about 12 years ago at a stamp party…I’m not sure who to give the original credit to, but it’s a fun technique I’d love to share with you today!  All you need to get started is an envelope, glue dots, and a scoring tool.  A scoring board is helpful, but not necessary – you can use a ruler instead if you like.
Start with an envelope.  This envelope is from the Doodlebug Create-A-Card square grid pack.
Step 1:  Seal the envelope.
Step 2:  Cut one end of the envelope off.  You can vary how much you cut off if you want to vary the size of gift bags (this is the height).  I usually just off just enough to end up with an open end.
Step 3: Score the left, right, and bottom at ¾.”
Again, you can vary this measurement, but be sure to do all three sides the same.

Step 4: Fold along all of the scored lines.  Put your hand inside to “open” the gift bag and press the bottom of the bag flat - this will leave these little triangles on the sides…kind of looks like a little monster!
Step 5:  Fold down the little monster ears (or triangles) and secure them with a little glue dot.  This is the bottom of your bag, so be sure to get it as flat as possible.
Now your gift bag is ready to decorate!
With Halloween right around the corner, I wanted to make some cute little treat bags for some of the little monsters in my life!
I used various elements from the Monster Mania line to embellish each bag.

The labels, punch outs, and stickers are the perfect size for adding some monster-sized fun to these cute little bags!

Stop by and visit my blog anytime!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Doodlebug Doodle: Monster Mania

We are excited to start a regular feature on our blog called Doodles, our take on sketches. We hope you'll take the opportunity to take this Doodles and inspiration and create something fun! Feel free to post what you create on our Facebook wall if you use Doodlebug products. 

Lil' Racer by Kathy Martin
I'm often asked how I do my accent stitching because it's so neatly done and follows lines perfectly. All my stitching is done by hand. First I use an awl to pierce and outline the area I want to stitch. Once my patterned is done, I stitch it with regular sewing thread and needle.

Supply List: Monster Mania Collection -  Monster Mania Monster Dots, Doodlecut, Tricky Tweed - Side Two,  Cute Cuts,   Hallows Eve, Monster Strips & Side Two, Shin-Dig Alphas - Tangerine, Doodle Pops - Batty, Boutique Buttons, Beetle Black, Tangerine, Limeade, Doodles Card Stock Stickers - Happy Halloween, Boutique Brads, Trick or Treat, Spooky Town, Halloween Assortment Doodle Twine, Monster Mania Fancy Frills, Braddies - Spider; Mini Jewels, Tangerine, Lilac, Limeade

Happy Halloween by Sherry Cartwright
I wanted to use this layout for a collage of last year’s Halloween photos.  However, because I scrapbook 8.5x11, I knew there might not be enough room for the larger photo at an angle.   So, I eliminated it and concentrated on the rectangle area. 

I love scrapbook with bits and pieces and rarely use an entire paper on any given layout.   There are so many fun prints in the Doodlebug monster mania collection that I just used a mix --- small dots and stars and larger dots cut like scallops.  All of it lends to the fun, playful feel of the layout.  
Supply List: patterned paper : pumpkin patch, monster dots, tangerine dots-grid petite prints; die cut journaling tag : monster mania cute cuts; border : monster mania fancy frills stickers; button : spooky town boutique buttons; brads : marmalade mini brads, tangerine chunky brads, trick or treat boutique brads,  spooky town boutique brads; twine : Halloween doodle twine; rhinestones : tangerine mini jewel 

Supply List:
Journaling tag, monster tag, trick or treat thought bubble and ticket stub- from Monster Mania Cute Cuts; -Black Die Cut paper- Monster Mania doodle cut; Sentiment- Exdpressions Rub-on; Lg. Dot paper,Swimming pool Stipe - Monster Dots; Doodle twine in Halloween; Pumpkins, Stars- Monster Mania Icons; Crushed Velvet Brads; Green Star Brad- boutique brads Halloween assortment 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Freebee Friday Winner

Congrats goes out to Lindy! She was selected at random as the winner of some of our Create-a-Card program for commenting on yesterday's blog.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

More! Create-A-Card Inspiration (giveaway)

We are so excited to share more of our Create-A-Card creations from our Design Team. This program is so versatile, create everything from Halloween favorites, Get Well and Birthday ideas. Answer a quick question about what has inspired you this week and you could win a package of our favorite Create-a-card program (details below).

Treat Pockets by Aphra Bolyer
Aphra use Terrifically Tacky tape to seal both sides of the card to create a pocket to put Halloween treats in them for friends and family!

Doodlebug Supplies Used:
Square Grid Cards: Tangerine, Limeade, Swimming Pool, Beetle Black
Doodle Twine: Bubblegum, Beetle Black
Doodle-Pops: Batty, Punkin, Boo
Patterned Paper: Monster Mania Tricky Tweed, Monster Mania Monster Dots, Monster Mania Hallows Eve, Monster Mania Monster Stripe, Monster Mania Cute Cuts
Cardstock Stickers: Monster Mania Sugar Coated, Monster Mania Fancy Frills
Boutique Brads: Trick or Treat
Braddies: Trick or Treat
Simply Sweet Rub-Ons: Bubblegum, Limeade, Beetle Black
Other Supplies Used: Terrifically Tacky Tape
Designer Tip: 
Creating these pockets is so very simple.  You simply use a really strong adhesive along the bottom and right-hand side of the card opening to seal it up.  Add your favorite papers, stickers, and embellishments.  Use some rub-ons to put the recipient's name on the tab at the top, fill with treats, and give to a special little ghost or goblin.

Birthday Cards by Jing-Jing Nickel
Boy birthday card:
Create-a-card 2969 A2 Stripe assortment
Petite prints 2543 blue jean dot-grid
headlines 2247 birthday-boy
fancy frills 2719 cake & ice cream
cute cuts 2691 cake & ice cream
doodles 3130 happy birthday -beetle black
icons 2715 cake & ice cream
boutique brads 2679 cake & ice cream assortment

doodle twin limeade 2990

Girl birthday card:
create-a-card 2970 paisley assortment
icons 2715 cake & ice cream
boutique brads 2679 cake & ice cream assortment
doodles 3129 happy birthday - lily white

Eek! Card by Kandis Smith

We'd love to know what inspired you this week here on the Doodlebug Blog. Share what you loved from any post this week and we'll select a lucky winner to receive a fun package of some of our favorite Create-A-Card program. Winner will be announced Friday Oct. 21st! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Create-A-Card Inspiration by Wendy & Elizabeth

Boo-tiful Cards by Wendy Sue Anderson

Combine the cute A6 Paisley Cards along with fun die cuts and embellishments from the Monster Mania collection and you have a fun set of cards that will spook all your "ghoul-friends".

Create-A-Card A6 Paisley Assortment (orange and black)
Monster Mania Icons Cardstock Stickers
Happy Halloween Doodles Cardstock Stickers
Halloween Assortment Doodle Twine
Jack & Jill Alphabet rub-ons (beetle black)
Monster Mania 4x6 cut-outs
Monster Mania assorted cut-outs

When you are making cards to give away, don't forget to add a little fun to the envelope!  The cut-outs make card-making and envelope decorating quick and easy...and when the two coordinate, it's twice as much fun! 

Family Is Wall Hanging by Elizabeth Carney

What a fun idea to combine different card bases to create this bright and colorful wall hanging. 


Supplies: Doodlebug Create-A-Card square grid assortment, Doodlebug Jack&Jill cardstock stickers, Doodlebug Jack&Jill beetle black alphabet rub-ons, Doodlebug doodle-pops Sweetheart, Doodlebug doodle twine Halloween assortment, Doodlebug fancy frills classic cardstock stickers,  Doodlebug petite prints cupcake dot-grid papers, doodlebug petite prints grasshopper dot-grid papers, Doodlebug icons classic cardstock stickers, Doodlebug boutique brads ladybug assortment, Doodlebug boutique brads limeade assortment, Doodlebug boutique brads beetle black assortment.

Other supplies: Pop dots, black Sharpie.

Designer note: Our den is where our entire family hangs out a lot! It holds my scrapbooking area as well as Dayv and Alyssa's desks. I am always looking for always to bring in scrappy house-hold decor to brighten up the room! I created this door hanging out of the Create-A-Card cards and used them in a fun new way! Who says that these are just for cards? The colors match our den perfectly and is fun too! 

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