Friday, August 17, 2018

So Much Pun Planner Pages | with Anabelle

So let's "Taco About" how cute So Much Pun Too, is! I loved the first collection and was so excited when it was announced that this one was joining the line up. My favorite thing about the line is that there are a ton of little mini collections in it! I had to pull out the Taco pieces (since they are my favorite food) to create my first planner spread with it. As usual, Doodlebug doesn't disappoint! I love how it turned out.
So, no lie, I got so hungry creating this spread, I texted my girlfriend and we went out for Mexican! But, how can you blame me? The adorable taco paper, the stickers and those sprinkles!!! Enough to drool over.

I love the red gingham paper with this food filled pattern. They are the perfect complement for each other. I feel like I'm getting ready to sit down for a yummy meal! I added the large sticker on my dashboard, layered it over the doily, and used foam stickers to give it some dimension. I love a lot of texture on my dashboards. The sprinkle dots added even more.
The weekly spread I designed used a lot of stickers from both the Icon and Mini Icon sheets. And of course I had to use my new favorite washi! Isn't it adorable??? 
The red and green fancy frills were a perfect addition to these elements. I love using them on my spreads. I cut this cute saying from one of the patterned papers. I glued it down, but you could use it as a note card and write extras on the back, as well.
And finally, I grabbed this adorable saying from the chit chat pack. I love it! The little happy guacamole sticker looks so cute with it. I created the clips using the Taco Doodlepops as toppers for my spread. Just hot glue them to a paper clip and you're good to go!

So, are you hungry now? I told you so!
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Thursday, August 16, 2018

So Much Pun Card Set | with Karen

I have a confession to make - I do not have a green thumb. I try, I really do! But plants and I often don't see to eye to eye on things - like how much water, sun and nutrients they should need! But Doodlebug has saved me again. Because the cute set of plants in the new So Much Pun collection - now these plants I can handle!
I mean come on! They are even still smiling after I have had my "non-green" thumbs on them! Aw - I love these plants!
I decided to go with a set of step cards for this collection. I love how you can play around with dimension on step cards, and with all the fun die cuts from the Odds and Ends and Chit Chat packs, you can really make some cards that pop! Since this collection has such a huge variety of themes, I started my process by laying out all the Chit Chat sentiments in similar themes and then picked one set to work with. I loved that this plant theme covered everything from general celebration, to get well to... ...Happy birthday cards! In fact, I could have created even more. Oh, and when you are making your cards, don't be afraid to put some of the die cuts together in your own groupings. I love how this little cactus is peeking out from behind the bigger aloe plant (although I did consider hoarding this little cactus for another project, I am glad I teamed him up on this one). And the same theory goes for the Chit Chat sentiments too! While they definitely stand on their own, consider putting two together for a more specific message (my favourite it the little thyme plant telling the dill plant that she is a kind of a big dill)! Sprinkles; always find there way onto my cards, especially when they coordinate perfectly. I love the different texture they add, and there always seems to be that one spot that can do with a bit of shine or sparkle. And mini paper clips and mini doilies are a staple in this card maker's toolkit! Play with dimension on the sides as well, and don't forget that the 6X6 paper pad that I used for the floral print also has some adorable sentiments inside that work perfectly on cards - like this "I herb you were sick" one! Pop them on top of some of the new Petite Prints and you are all set to go! So green thumb or not, give these cuties a try! I think you will find that, like all things Doodlebug, they are just delightful!
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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

So Much Pun Planner Pages | with Jennie

I've been keeping up with my documenting in my travellers notebook inserts and it just feels so fun.  I'm inspired to keep up with them and I think a large part of it is the scale of the project.  I can create something so manageable - yet everything goes together.  It's really so perfect for my life right now.
So, I'm working on an insert that is just favorites.  Photos, moments, stories, whatever!  There are absolutely no rules.  So, I pulled out a couple of photos so I could create a couple of pages and I am in love!

I was so excited when I could combine both an adorable photo + moment with that great little frog!  How cute is he?  The entire So Much Pun collection is just a joy to work with -- I mean, the colors!  The images.  The whole thing is just PUN.  Whoops!  Fun! But, as always, the Odds & Ends are the perfect embellishment!
I'm also pretty excited about the Doodlebug Sequins, too.  I love the colors and the simplicity.  They are such a cute addition to any page -- just a tiny bit of glue and you are set.
I couldn't stop there, though.  My son also loves cheeseburgers.  So, the cheeseburger icons in this collection were just calling to me to use!

Isn't the 6x6 patterned paper pad just perfect?  I think so!  I love it for use in my travelers notebook -- the size is perfect and so is the scale of the patterns.  Just so good in my planners, too!
But you knew I had to use the Perfect Combo Sprinkles.  Look at them!  I'm just so smitten with each little piece and the ketchup & mustard was perfect here!
Do you see what I did there with the Sprinkles?  Ketchup, mustard and pickles!  I crack myself up!
Do you love this collection too?  Follow along with Doodlebug on Instagram so you can see how everyone is using this playful collection!

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