Friday, May 22, 2015

DOILIES: Mini Doily Layout by Melinda Spinks


 (ˈdɔɪ li) 

n., pl. -lies.

1. any small, ornamental mat, esp. one of embroidery or lace used on or under a plate.
2. Archaic. a small, dainty napkin used under a cake.
Sometimes, doyley.

Doilies bring back so many childhood memories of my Nanna and her delicate china plates complete with lace doily and a beautiful spongecake covered in cream and fresh strawberries. However, the humble doily went out of fashion for quite some time and now it has made a welcome comeback. I wonder what my Nanna would have thought of all the gorgeous colours available in the Doodlebug collection?

I love these photos as they show just how silly my kids can be when they fool around in my craft room... fortunately (this time) there was very little mess and only a two stickers were claimed as casualties!

I had a wild plan to completely cover my layout in doilies but for the life of me I couldn't work out how I wanted to achieve the effect so it was a bit of trial and error. Eventually I decided on the layered approach.

Firstly I had to work up the courage to actually take a pair of scissors to my doilies and cut them in half.

Using a ruler as a guide to keep things straight I laid each row down starting from the bottom row and working my way up. I simply ran a line of double sided adhesive across the cardstock to adhere the doilies.

After staring at my page for quite some time I decided that I didn't like the look of the completely covered background so I cut a large circle from a second piece of card and adhered it over the top. I was really thrilled with the result and all that was left to do was decorate.

I hope you have been enjoying the past two weeks of doily inspired projects and hope you will come back next week for our final week of design team inspiration.

Don't forget to enter the Doodlebug give-away for your chance to win an amazing assortment of doilies in all colours and sizes!
You can find the details HERE!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

DOILIES: Paper Doily Poms on Inspired by Pinterest

Hi Doodlebug....

I love paper and I love doilies....but what I love even more is the Doodlebug Design doilies. I love all the colors and polka dots and the fact that they added the new MINI doilies to their already strong selection of regular size doilies. 

Today I am excited to sharing with you how to create paper pom poms using the colorful paper doilies from Doodlebug. Simply click over to the video tutorial at My Craft Channel to view this episode and learn how easy it is to create your own poms.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DOILIES: Use for a Patriotic Bunting or Layout

Hello Doodlebugs!  It's Mendi here today and I am so excited to share with you my take on these adorable new mini doilies!
Up first I have a 4th of July garland inspired by patriotic buntings.  To create my banner I layered 1-1/2 inch circles punched from the American Pride patterned paper with a lily white mini doily and a full sized ladybug red doily.  Then to construct my banner I glued the three pieces together and folded them over a piece of twine and stitched in place along the top.  I then clipped twine bows in place between each bunting using alternating colors of red, white and blue clothespins.
To give my little doily buntings extra stability and make them less see-through I cut semi-circles from white cardstock on my Silhouette which I adhered to the back of each red doily. If you would like to make a 4th of July banner of your own I am sharing a free download for you HERE.
I was having so much fun with these sweet little doilies with so many ideas swirling in my head that it was hard to stop with just one project.  For my next project I thought it would be fun to create my own custom "patterned paper" using the mini doilies. To achieve a smooth seamless look I turned to my favorite 3M Spray Mount.  Like vellum, these doilies can be a bit transparent and delicate when fully separated from one another so I found this to be the perfect invisible adhesive.
I finished my layout with a variety of stickers from several different collections, completely letting the colors in my photos dictate my choices.  Two of my papers and the layered die-cut flower came from the recent Hello Sunshine collection, but I also managed to sneak in a border sticker from a past Halloween collection.  ;)
I hope I've inspired you to take a closer look at these fun new mini doilies!  I am in awe of all the cool ways they can be used.  :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

DOILIES: Bucket of Paper Flowers by Silvia

Hello, hello!!!
In Doodlebug we can find a complete collection of different colors of doilies,
you can use them in so many ways, I choose to use them for making doilies flowers.
I made an arrangement only with doilies, let me show you my project

I love to use the doilies, they are so colorful!!! Let me show you more pictures!!
I invite you to use the Doodlebug Mini Doilies, you will create so many things!!
Have fun creating!!
Thanks for stopping by
and remember I love to read your comments!

DOILIES : Summer Doily Wreath by Tya Smith

Hi there Doodlebug friends - today it is my turn to share with you my doily project. I have had a doily wreath pinned for months on one of my Pinterest boards so I am so excited to share with you my take on a fun summer themed doily wreath. It was super easy to make! Let me share with you how to add the doilies to the wreath base.
Basically all I did was place my doily color side up. I folded the to outer edges in to make a point at the bottom, and then I folded the bottom point up. The point part is what I glued down with my hot glue gun. This project does take a good amount of doilies, but the wonderful thing is that all the Doodlebug Doilies come in packages of 75 - so plenty to do this project with oodles of doilies left over.
Here are some close ups - I wanted to use the adorable Sunkissed collection for my wreath so I can hang it up for the upcoming summer months. I love the icons and the colors! I used my Silhouette to make the banner that the sticker letters that spell out "summer" are on. I also added a few Glitter Sprinkles here and there for some extra shimmer!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope I have inspired you to make your own rainbow wreath! It will add so much color to your home! And don't forget about our Linky Party and Giveaway! Link up your doily projects here and be in the running to win every single color and size of  these adorable doilies for your very own!  Happy Crafting!

Friday, May 15, 2015

DOILIES: Mini Doily Layout by Stephanie Buice

Hi everyone, Stephanie here today to share my Doodlebug Mini Doily layout with you. I like all of the Doodlebug embellishments but it's no secret that the Sprinkles and Doilies in all colors and sizes are my favorites. I LOVE them and I could use them on every single one of my projects and not tire of them. I have even been known to use them on very masculine layouts in one way or another, they are just so easy to mix in there and add that unexpected layer.
So here it is, my doily layout,
God Made Sisters and Summer: 

Since my real title is a little longer than usual
(God Made Sisters & Summer, Both Gifts Are Best Enjoyed together), I decided that I would make it the entire width of my page. I painted my background in a few summery colors and used the new Skinny font stickers in coordinating colors.

After I got all of my letters down I quickly ran my sewing machine over them to add in some extra texture, I love that look and use it all the time.

These pictures of my younger cousins Alysha and Kayla are so descriptive of their personalities,
because their clothes would not match my page I decided to make them black and white. 

I had so much fun going through my Doodlebug stash finding the perfect colored embellishments for each of the pictures layered on the matching doilies. I kept them all in the color of the column they landed in like all pink embellishments on the pink and all yellow on yellow. I am really liking that look right now.
Now, if you haven't picked any of the new mini doilies up yet you totally should,
they are a very versatile embellishment that can be used with any kind of style.
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

DOILIES: EWE Will Love this Idea by Traci Penrod

Hi everyone!  It's Traci.  I'm happy to be back on the blog to share my project using Doodlebug's Paper Doilies.  Have you seen the new smaller size??  So cute! and one of the great things about these doilies is that you get a lot of them in the package.  This makes them perfect for incorporating into party favors, invitations and party decor.
These adorable little lambs and treat boxes were cut with my CAMEO machine using files designed by Lori Whitlock.
Doodlebug sprinkles were added for the lambs cheeks, and also for their little feet on the treat boxes!  The feet are little triangles that come with the beetle black arrow sprinkles. Here is a list of the other fabulous Doodlebug goodies I used on this project: Lily White Doilies, Regular and Mini Lovebugs double-sided cardstock Sweet Things double sided cardstock Black and white textured cardstock Sprinkles Doodles cardstock stickers Cupcake Doodle Twine Cupcake Boutique Button Thanks so much for letting me share my little lambs with you!  Come visit me over on my blog at Artsy Albums sometime! Traci
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