Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cake & Ice Cream Birthday Party by Tiffany Hood

We were thrilled when Tiffany featured the Cake & Ice Cream Collection for her daughter's birthday party. She shares with us every detail of the party from invite to the actual party in today's post. Be sure to let  Tiffany know what you thought of her darling birthday creations by leaving a comment or jump over and check out her blog!!

First, the decorations...this darling banner was created using the Cricut cutting machine. 

I love that Tiffany even created soup can containers for the plastic ware. So cute!! 

 Next the treats...check out these darling cupcake wraps Tiffany cut out using her electronic cutting machine. This takes all the hard work of decorating cupcakes for your guests. So cute!! 

The birthday girl with her beautiful paper crown. 
Just like a princess to coordinate with her party decor, right?

And last, the treat bags to send home with each of the party attendees. Look how cute these custom and unique bag tags turned out!

Supply List:
Cake & Ice Cream mini jewels
Cake & Ice Cream sugar coated icons stickers
Cake & Ice Cream sugar coated fancy frills stickers
Cake & Ice Cream cute cuts
Cake & Ice Cream boutique buttons
Cake  Ice Cream boutique brads
Cake & Ice Cream gingham ribbon
Cake & Ice Cream cardstock Surprise Party (bright)
Cake & Ice Cream cardstock Gift Wrapped (bright)
Cake & Ice Cream cardstock Fun Fetti (bright)
Cake & Ice Cream cardstock Hip Hip Hooray (bright)
Dot cardstock in cupcake (with pink glitter dots)
Sugar coated cardstock in cupcake
Sugar coated cardstock in bubblegum
Sugar coated cardstock in lilac
Sugar coated cardstock in swimming pool
Petite prints dot-grid cardstock in cupcake

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: Glitter Ornaments by Jing-Jing

Who doesn't love anything made with glitter? And the bright colors in Doodlebug's Sugar Coating glitters make Jing-Jing's ornament tutorial today even more sparkly! 

1.  Gather supplies needed: empty glass ornaments, glitter, and embossing fluid refill.

2.  Pour 2 teaspoon of embossing fluid into the empty ornament.

3.  Gently rotate the ornament so that the entire interior of the ornament is coated with embossing fluid.

4.  Add more embossing fluid if it is needed. Pour out the extra when it is completely coated.

5.  Pour in the glitter quickly and abundantly and gently but quickly swirl the ornament so the glitter coats the interior of the ornament.

6.  Pour out any excess glitter.  At this point, the ornament is actually ready to go on your Christmas tree!  There's no waiting for drying, it's immediately done.

7.  Decorate the outside of the ornament if desired with glittered stickers and jewels.

Supply List:  Sugar coating glitter; Santa's workshop fancy frills cardstock stickers; Santa's workshop Icons cardstock stickers; Mini Jewels - blue jean assortment

Be sure to check out Jing-Jing's blog for more sparkly inspiration!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Doodle Card Sketch with Wendy & Kathy

We are excited to share this sketch from PageMaps with all of you. Becky Fleck wows us again with another great inspiring Doodle (aka Sketch) and two of our designers tackle the challenge of sharing their inspiring creations with all of you. AND we would love to see what you can do with this fun sketch, so post your creations to our Facebook wall

Christmas Day by Kathy Martin
Supply List: Santa’s Workshop Collection; Christmas Day Card; Cheery Chat – Side 2; Holiday Tweet & Side 2; Jolly Dots & Side 2; Cute Cuts; Fancy Frills; Boutique Brads – Christmas Assortment; Mini Jewels – Ladybug

Card Trio by Wendy Sue Anderson
I love using a sketch for cards – it makes it quick and easy to create a set to have on hand.  And the best thing…even though they are all based on the same sketch, and use product from the same line, they all look completely unique!

Supply List: Create-a-card square grid assortment; petite prints grasshopper dot-grid; petite prints ladybug dot-grid; birthday celebration doodle-cut; birthday celebration cute cuts; birthday celebration fancy frills stickers; birthday celebration icon stickers; birthday celebration boutique brads; happy birthday doodles stickers – beetle black; happy birthday doodles stickers – lily white; happy birthday doodles stickers – multicolor; doodle twine – ladybug; doodle-pops little bot; doodle-pops surprise!

Remember, we'd love to see what you can do with this fun sketch. Post your creations to our Facebook wall

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Doodlebug

At this time we'd like to express our gratitude for each of our fans, followers and Doodlebug lovers. Without your support we would not be here to reflect on another great year for us. As we gather with our families we cannot but help think of each of you as a part of our Doodlebug family. 

Happy Thanksgiving 
from all of Us at Doodlebug

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Classic Collection Inspiration...continues

Sibling Love by Sherry Cartwright

Supply List: Classic Collection Cute Cuts; Classic Collection Classic 4x6 Cut-Outs; Classic Colleciton Moonlight paper; Classic Collection Cascading Floral paper; Classic Collection Sweet Serenity paper; Classic Collection Sugar Coated Cardstock Stickers - Icons; Petite Prints - Flowers - Bubblegum; Sugar Coated - Brads - Tuxedo Assortment; Jewels Adhesive Rhinestones - Mini - Beetle Black; Jewels Adhesive Rhinestones - Mini - Lily White; Jewels Adhesive Rhinestones - Mini - Bubblegum; Paper Frills - Borders - Beetle Black; Doodles - Cardstock Stickers - I Love You - Beetle Black; Simply Sweet Mini Alphabet Rub-Ons - Beetle Black 

The Green Bunch by Monique Liedtke
Supply List:  Patterned Paper: Doodlebug Classic Collection; Cardstock Borders: Doodlebug Classic Fancy Frills; Cardstock Sticker: Doodlebug Doodle-pop "Lily"; Twine: Doodlebug Doodle Twine (Primary Assortment); Brads: Doodlebug Boutique Brads (Limeade Assortment) & Mini Brads; Alpha Stickers: Simply Sweet (Limeade) & Candy Shoppe (Beetle Black & Lily White)

Classic Collection Card Set by Melinda Spinks
So often I've looked at black and white collections and thought 'wedding'! It just goes to show that I need to think outside the box a little more often as I browsed through each of the gorgeous Classic Collection papers and realised that there is so much more that can be done with black and white. So I set myself a challenge to create different themed cards that had nothing to do with weddings, and it wasn't nearly as difficult as I'd first thought, especially with all the bright and fun Doodle-Pops to add that hint of colour and the centerpiece for each theme.

Supply List: Classic Collection Double Sided Cardstock - Sweet Serenity (3077), Cascading Floral (3078), Elegance (3079), Meadow (3080), Moonlight (3081), Midnight (3082), Classic Assorted Cut-outs (3084); Classic Fancy Frills (3117); Doodle-pops - Sweetheart (3005), Snowflake (3013), Lily (3035); Mini Jewels - Beetle Black (2461), Swimming Pool (2456); Doodle Twine - Beetle Black (2994); Candy Shoppe Mini Rub Ons - Beetle Black (2171), Ladybug (2166), Swimming Pool (2168).

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: Count Your Blessings Journal Pocket by Aphra

Hiya Doodlebug friends!  It’s Aphra here with you today to show you how to create a journal pocket for a Count Your Blessings layout, just perfect for your upcoming Thanksgiving memories.  (Scroll down to find out about today's giveway.)

Here’s the final layout.

Ok, so what you’ll need to create your pocket is a Brown Square Grid card from the Create-A-Card system, a paper trimmer, strong adhesive, four tags, die cuts, brads, and twine.  Ready?  Here’s the steps.

Step One:  Trim the card down by about one inch, so that it isn’t too deep to hold your journal tags.
Step Two:  Run a line of strong adhesive along the right and bottom sides of the open card and then close.
Step Three:  Embellish the outside of your pocket and adhere to your layout.  I used the Doodlebug Expressions Blessings rub-ons to my pocket, but you could just as easily use some alphabet stickers.

Step Four:  Create journal tags and slip them into the pocket.  I used Kraft tags embellished with Welcome Home Die Cuts and Boutique Brads and Doodle Twine.

And that’s it!  Easy, right?  And I just love how much journaling I was able to add to this layout.

Would you like to win some yummy Doodlebug product you would be thankful for? Then go over and follow Aphra's blog and come back and let us know...even leave her some love for her project today on the blog. We'll announce a winner after the holiday weekend!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Show & Tell: Classic Collection + giveaway

This week we're going to be featuring the beautiful Doodlebug Classic Collection. This collection is so versatile and you will love the ideas we'll be sharing with you this week. And to make it even more fun we're going to be giving away a few sample boxes of this collection, so be sure to scroll down to find out how you can enter to win!! 

Supply List: Romance, Meadow, Elegance, Glistening Gardenia, Cardstock Stickers- Icons (Classic), Cardstock Stickers- Fancy Frills (Classic), Cardstock die-cuts - Cute Cuts (Classic), Doodle Pops (Lily), Boutique Brads (Beetle Black), Mini Jewels (Lily White), Cardstock Stickers - Candy Shoppe (Beetle Black), Doodle Twine (Beetle Black)

In My Heart by Ro Philippsen 
Supply List: Patterned Papers: 3078 cascating floral, 3086 glistening gardenia, 3077 sweet serenity, 3109 doodle cuts, 3105 die-cut, 3113 classic - sugar coated, 3117 fancy frills, 2461 beetle black - mini jewels, 2459 lily white - mini jewels, 3005 sweet heart, 3035 lily, 2158 lady bug cardstock stickers, 1735 ladybug  cardstock stickers, 1475 beetle black.

Happy Together by Elizabeth Carney
I highlighted the Cute Cuts from the Classic collection creating this layout! I love how fun, yet classy this collection is!
Supply List: Doodlebug Swimming Pool Jewels; Doodlebug Classic Collection; Show & tell product: Doodlebug Classic Collection Cute Cuts; Doodlebug Swimming Pool Twine 

At the end of the week we'll announce our daily winner for the next few days. Wouldn't you love to win a box of the Classic Collection? All you need to do is make sure you are doing one or all of the following: 
1. Follow each of our Design Team member's blogs that are featured in today's post above and live a comment for each one that you are following. 
2. Follow us on Facebook and leave a comment telling us you liked us on Facebook.
3. Tell us something you're thankful!! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Painted Face Layout by Jing-Jing

A little bit about Jing-Jing....

She has been scrapbooking for almost 12 years. Three years ago she submitted to the Memory Makers Master contest. It was her first submission ever and she was chosen as a runner-up. Since then, she's been pursuing  publication and design team work. Jing-Jing has 32 projects (layouts, cards, and mini-albums) published in 2011 in print magazines such as Creating Keepsakes and Scrapbook Trends.  

Here's some Colorwheel inspiration from Jing-Jing...
Supply List: 3090 pocket full o'posies; 3110 colorwheel doodle-cut; 3093 kite stringschunky brads; 2353 swimming pool doodle twine ; 2991 swimming pool; 3106 colorwheel cute cuts hopscotch; 1739 lily whitehopscotch; 1738 swimming pool icons; 3114 colorwheel

Check out more inspiration from Jing-Jing on her fact, you should follower her (wink)!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Inspiration: Things We Are Thankful For

To be honest, I'm thankful for the awesome ladies we are working with on the Doodlebug Design team. They are so willing to share the beautiful talents with all of us and we are inspired by their ideas. Here's a few more from our team.

Grateful For You by Nancy Damiano
SUPPLY LIST:  Welcome Home Cute Cuts, Welcome Home Fancy Frills; Sticker, Welcome Home Icon Sticker, Home Sweet Home Doodlepop, LilyWhite Jack & Jill Cardstock Sticker, Lily White Candy Shoppe CardstockSticker, Petite Prints Swimming Pool and Limeade in Daisy-Stripe,Petite Prints Bon-Bon and Swimming Pool in Dot-Grid,  Limeade A6 SwissDot Envelope, Bon-Bon Square Grid Card, Swimming Pool  and LimeadeBoutique Button Assortment, Bob-Bon Doodle Twine Spool, Multi-ColorThank You Doodles Sticker Sayings.

Grateful for Our Home by Wendy Sue Anderson
Supply List: Welcome Home Doodle-cut Paper, Hometown Paper, Welcome Home Cute Cuts, Welcome Home Icon Stickers, Welcome Home Fancy Frills Stickers,  Petite Prints bon bon dot-grid, Petite Prints ladybug daisy-stripe, Petite Prints Limeade daisy-stripe, Petite Prints bumblebee dot-grid, Petite Prints swimming pool daisy-stripe, Expressions rub-on Home Sweet Home, Doodle-pops cardstock sticker Home Sweet Home, Boutique Brads Welcome Home assortment, Boutique Brads bon bon assortment, Hopscotch cardstock stickers bon bon, Simply Sweet mini rub-ons bon bon, Doodle Twine bon bon.

Family by Elizabeth Carney
Supply List: Doodlebug Cupcake-Crushed Velvet cardstock; Doodlebug Petite Prints Bumblebee Daisy-Striped; Doodlebug Welcome Home Collection; Doodlebug Shin-Dig Beetle Black cardstock stickers; Doodlebug Doodle-Pops Kaleidoscope; Doodlebug Welcome Home Cute Cuts cardstock die cuts; Doodlebug Welcome Home Fancy Frills; Doodlebug Doodle Twine Halloween Assortment; Doodlebug Cupcake Jewels; Doodlebug Beetle Black Boutique Brads; Doodlebug Petite Prints Beetle Black dot-grid; Doodlebug Petite Prints Bumble Daisy Stripe; Doodlebug Doodle-Pops Buttercup cardstock sticker

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: Turkey Placecards by Stephanie

Hi everyone, it's Stephanie Here counting down the days until Thanksgiving. I always like my guests to feel welcome so I try and do little extras around the house to make them feel special. Here are some quick place cards that I made for our thanksgiving table:
Thanksgiving Turkey Place Cards:
First I Started by using the monster mania paper from the Monster Mania Collection
using the Orange dotted side of the paper. Cutting it into 1 1/2 x12 inch strips to make 
the accoridian that is used as the turkey's feathers.
I like the edges of the accordion to be scalloped so I use a border puch on it before scoring
it evey 1/2 inch (totally optional). Once you have your strip the way you want it, fold along
your score lines and bend it into your half accordian to form your turkey feathers. Glue together 
at the bottom ( I found that hot glue works best) 
Next is making the turkey's body:

- Cut your body shape from brown cardstock (easy to free hand but you could also use your die cut machine).
- Next I cut the feet and beak from yellow cardstock and the turkey's wattle from red cardstock. I then added the googley eyes.
- Glue all your pieces together and adhear turkey body to orange accordian. Voila! You made your first turkey.
- Next I made the flags out of the red dot patterned paper from the Petite Prints Collection using a toothpick.
- I then made the card bases Using the brown stripe paper from the Petite Prints Collection, the green graph paper also from the Petite Prints Collection and brown and white cardstock. I cut the bases to measure 3 1/2 x 3.
- I cut the pieces into the shape of a flag and layered them by size. Sewing around them is optional.
Next I glued the flag to the cards, and then the turkey's. Last I used some letterstickers to write the names
of our guests. 
Supply List:
  • Orange and white dot patterned paper- Monster Mania Collection
  • Red Dot, Green Graph and Brown Stripe patterned papers all from Petite Prints Collection.
I hope you all enjoyed these and try them out. They are fast, but your guests will love that you went a little further to make them feel at home. Happy Thanksgiving!

Show Stephanie some love and leave her some comment love on our blog or hers. She posts create ideas on her blog and you'll want to follow her to keep up with what's she's working on.
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