Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: Glitter Ornaments by Jing-Jing

Who doesn't love anything made with glitter? And the bright colors in Doodlebug's Sugar Coating glitters make Jing-Jing's ornament tutorial today even more sparkly! 

1.  Gather supplies needed: empty glass ornaments, glitter, and embossing fluid refill.

2.  Pour 2 teaspoon of embossing fluid into the empty ornament.

3.  Gently rotate the ornament so that the entire interior of the ornament is coated with embossing fluid.

4.  Add more embossing fluid if it is needed. Pour out the extra when it is completely coated.

5.  Pour in the glitter quickly and abundantly and gently but quickly swirl the ornament so the glitter coats the interior of the ornament.

6.  Pour out any excess glitter.  At this point, the ornament is actually ready to go on your Christmas tree!  There's no waiting for drying, it's immediately done.

7.  Decorate the outside of the ornament if desired with glittered stickers and jewels.

Supply List:  Sugar coating glitter; Santa's workshop fancy frills cardstock stickers; Santa's workshop Icons cardstock stickers; Mini Jewels - blue jean assortment

Be sure to check out Jing-Jing's blog for more sparkly inspiration!


  1. CUTE. I have a few glass ornaments left from years past when I was painting them. I will have to glitter them up to go on this year's tree with a merry and bright theme. The kids will love them!

  2. Wow, didn't know you could use embossing fluid this way! If someone doesn't have embossing fluid, does anything else work for this? :)

  3. OMG these are so adorable!!!! I love doodle bug glitter. I think I have EVERY color at home!

  4. These are super cute!
    Kathy, you can use pledge floor wax inside the balls and it will work the same way!

  5. These are totally the cutest ever!

  6. Wow! So simple and easy with such pretty results. I think I'll do that with my 7 y.o, daughter. She will love it! Thanks for sharing


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