Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Chunky Twine Challenge: Wrapped Monogram by Christine

Home Decor, Cards, Layouts, Kids Crafts...this Chunky Twine is perfect for any of those!  It has the look of your traditional twine but is thicker which makes it easier to work with on projects like the one I'm sharing today! Christine joining you to share a Monogram wrapped up with Chunky Twine.

Now I know what you're thinking, holy moly Christine that had to be really messy and sticky to make!  But I'm happy to report with this new Chunky Twine a job like this is a lot less challenging!

I started with a chipboard monogram letter.  I then used a quick dry liquid adhesive and worked on about an inch at a time.  I have attempted this before with traditional sized twine and embroidery flosses and it was a mess with sticky glue everywhere that pretty much ruined the project.  Not the case here!  

After I finished wrapping it I secured the back side with some additional glue and tape.  Then it was time to decorate!  I used some flowers from the Spring Garden Craft Kit as well as some various Flower Doodlepops!  Sweet little Ladybug Sprinkles added a different texture and upped the cuteness!

You can't go wrong with a Butterfly Doodlepop like this one!  It got it's own little special spot on the Monogram.  

Our family is going to be moving to a new home soon and I just know this will be a perfect piece for my little girl's brand new bedroom!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Chunky Twine Challenge: Creative Cards by Courtney

Well hello out there! :) Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here with some chunky twine love! I wanted to highlight some of the different things you could do with this chunky twine so here it is as a background with some hand stitching, as the foreground rainbow, and as butterflies! :)

First up is my hello spring card. This was fun. I grabbed this fun patterned paper from the Spring Garden 6x6 paper pad and went to work! I punched holes basically everywhere and coordinated the chunky twine with the stripe colors. 

This was my first attempt at hand stitching or back-stitching on a card and I think I am in love! I finished it off with a sentiment from the This and That portion of the Spring Garden collection, a tulip from the Icon sticker sheet and an enamel ladybug. Done. 

Hello Spring Card
Chunky Twine: Bubblegum (4805)
Chunky Twine: Cupcake (4804)
Chunky Twine: Swimming Pool (4810)
Chunky Twine: Bubble Blue (4811)
Chunky Twine: Tangerine (4807)
Chunky Twine: Limeade (4809)
Chunky Twine: Bumblebee (4808)
Spring Garden This and That (5147)
Spring Garden 6x6 Pad (5136)
Spring Garden Icons (5140)
Spring Garden: Ladybugs (4951)

My thank you card was the first one I envisioned. I have a love for all crafty rainbows and wanted the twine to really be the centerpiece. 

I thought about birds on a wire and added the little enamel chick (I mean, HELLO cuteness!!!) and the blue bird (my personal favorite. I bought a whole roll of those blue birds. I love them. Seriously.) I finished it off with a sentiment and some enamel hearts!

Thanks Card
Chunky Twine: Ladybug (4806)
Chunky Twine: Tangerine (4807)
Chunky Twine: Limeade (4809)
Chunky Twine: Bumblebee (4808)

Last up is my ladybug card. These were so much fun to make! I saw the idea to make them on pinterest and added my own twist. I have been dying to use this polaroid frame paper and this was just the ticket. Then I just matched the butterflies to the background paper. The sentiment came from the border strip paper on the 6x6 paper pad as did the scrap papers behind the polaroid frames. Some matte enamel dots completed this look!

The butterflies were made by wrapping the twine around two of my fingers 7 times. Then I slid it off maintaining the shape. I wrapped the black and white piece around it and secured with a knot at the top and then I shaped the butterflies. The trick here is to use enough of your adhesive to keep the butterflies shape. I really wanted the "down" part of the wings as well as the spread of them to make them look more realistic. I used a clear dry glue so I could just press them down into it. 

Butterfly Card
Chunky Twine: Bumblebee (4808)
Chunky Twine: Bubblegum (4805)
Chunky Twine: Cupcake (4804)
Chunky Twine: Swimming Pool (4810)
Chunky Twine: Beetle Black (4817)
Spring Garden: Berry Blossoms (5087)
Spring Garden 6x6 Pad (5136)
Matte Sprinkles: Bright Assortment (4947)

Check out my chunky twine trio again! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Chunky Twine Challenge: Twine Blossom by Kathy

Hi Everyone!  It's Kathy today with a fun little project featuring Doodlebug's fabulous Chunky Twine!  I've done a lot of projects with regular baker's twine and I'm just in love with the width of the Chunky Twine!  It's so easy to work with and it gives projects an extra special touch.  Here's what I created:

May and June are full of birthdays and other special days in our family, so I made this fun little gift set using papers from the Spring Garden and Bunnyville collections and some Cupcake, Bubblegum, Limeade and Swimming Pool Chunky Twine!  I used a flower loom that I've had for decades to create the flowers (I'm showing my age)  Here are some close ups...

The purse is the perfect size for a little gift or gift card.  I held it closed with a little Velcro.  The leaves are from the Spring Garden Icons Sticker Sheet.

The flowers make me so happy, and I hope the recipient feels the same way!  That's it for me today, be sure to keep checking the blog for more Chunky Twine inspiration!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Chunky Twine Challenge: Rainbow Gift Set by Tya

Hi Doodlebug friends - Tya here to share with you my Chunky Twine project. Twine is one of my go to embellishments, so when we were challenged to use the new Chunky Twine - I knew I had to do something where I could use as many colors as possible. What better way to use lots of color than by using a rainbow.
I decided to make a cute little rainbow themed gift set with a treat box and a frame.

First off is the frame - to make the frame I gathered up several colors of the chunky twine and began wrapping a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inch piece of cardstock with the twine. I added a piece of sticky strip along the back of my cardstock and then began wrapping the individual colors til the whole card is wrapped.

 Next I cut out the word friend on my Silhouette and glued that on top of the twine wrapped cardstock. I then added the word Hello with some Teensy Type letter sticker and put them on some Lily White Sprinkles Vellum. I also added  a button and some stickers from the Kraft in Color collection to finish off the card.
 I picked up a colorful frame at my local store and then added some pattern paper from the Kraft in Color collection and some red cardstock and then the card. I really like the wrapped effect of the twine - it's so fun and eye catching!

Next I found the perfect little bag on my Silhouette and cut it out. I used some Lily White Sprinkles Vellum for the cloud.   I added some rainbow candies to the box. I used this file : Rainbow Gift Box .
Using a glue pen, I added the chunky twine to the coordinating color on the box front. I added a few buttons to finish of the box. The twine adds the perfect touch to the box and adds a fun dimensional element too!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today - I hope I have inspired you to add a splash of color to your projects with this super fun product - I just love the Chunky Twine so much!  Happy Crafting!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Chunky Twine Challenge: Fishy Party Favors by Piali

Hello Doodlebug Fans!

Piali here, today I have a super fun project to share with you all!!
The Chunky twines are one of my most favorite Doodlebug product....
 Here are some cute treats for a pool party!!
I created pom pom fishes using the Chunky twines.
 Mini fish bowls filled with yummy jelly beans and cute pom pom fish.
I also added few stickers from Under the sea and  Anchor Aweigh.
These fishes are super easy to make , I just wrapped chunky twine around a fork and tied it, then trimmed the twine to form a mini pom pom. Then added eyes, fins and tails to finish.

Hope you all like these cuties!!!

Thanks for stopping by...
Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Chunky Twine Challenge: Bookmarks by Corri

Hi everyone,  Corri here today sharing a fun project with Doodlebug's awesome Chunky Twine.  My a youngest daughter has just started reading chapter books so I thought it would be fun for her to have some cute bookmarks.   Chunky Twine is perfect for adding a tassel!
I used some paper from the Spring Garden Collection.  I love the rainbow color palette.  I added some flower stickers and alpha stickers.  I made a tassel with Swimming Pool Chunky Twine. 
 For my second bookmark, I used a mini DoodlePop and a some sticker to create a cute message.
These bookmarks would be a great end of the year gift for your kid's class or a fun project to make at the end of the year party! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Chunky Twine Challenge: Mini Album Cover by Traci Penrod

Hi Doodlebug fans!  It's Traci from Artsy Albums and I have a tutorial to share with you today.  The design team was asked to create a project where Chunky Twine was the star of the project.  I created a simple 4x6 album full of black & white family photos, but the fun part was the cover!  
To create my album, I found three small pieces of scrap chipboard.  I used white, but you could easily use regular grey chipboard and cover the pieces with pattern paper or paint.  The two cover pieces are 5" x 6 1/4", and the other piece is 4" x 6".  I used a heavy-duty hole punch to punch binding holes in the front and back cover pieces.
Next, I taped one end of my black chunky twine to the back of my 4x6 chipboard, applied a small amount of liquid glue to the front, and starting wrapping the twine around the board.  I repeated this process several times with black, grey, and white chunky twine ... taping the ends on the back, and glueing on the front.  I finish the top of the piece with red twine for a pop of color.
Once the twine was wrapped around the entire 4x6 piece, I used a strong liquid glue to adhere it to the cover of my album (Note:  I added a piece of 4 1/4" x 6 1/4" mint pattern paper and some fancy frills stickers to the album cover before adhering the twine piece)
I added mint pattern paper to the inside front and back covers also, and created a chunky twine heart to carry the twine into the inside.  
For the heart, I just punched out a heart shape from white card stock and then added red twine to the heart, glueing as a followed the card stock shape.
For my inside pages, I kept them simple -- plain white card stock measuring 4 3/4" x 6 1/4".  I punched the binding holes and then just added my black and white photos.  I added 10 pages, so I have 20 fun family photos throughout my album.  This little album will be a fun keepsake to carry in my purse and share with friends :)
I hope you enjoyed this quick little tutorial and find fun ways to use chunky twine in your projects!!
Binding rings
Strong liquid adhesive

Monday, May 23, 2016

Chunky Twine Challenge: Wall Art by Jennifer Beason

Hello, Doodlebug friends.  Jennifer here and today I'm sharing my take on the "chunky twine" challenge. After finding this fun image in the Silhouette store, I decided to use the twine to make colorful pom-poms drops for my cloud wall art.  Here are the finished results.
I created the pom-poms for this project using the fork method, see below.
  1. Wrap the twine around the fork (I used a large serving fork).
  2. Use strong thread or embroidery floss to tie the strands together in the center, as shown.
  3. Remove the twine from the fork and cut open each end.
  4. The twine should now look something like this.
  5. Next, fluff out the strands of twine. I found a scoring tool worked well, just brush the tool through the strands, repeatedly until they separate.
  6. Lastly, trim the pom-pom to shape.
The finished pom-poms were threaded onto some string and connected to a rectangular bracket I made to fit at the back of the cloud.  Note: Because the finished project is so light, I was able to get away with using foam core and chipboard to create the bracket.  Hanging hardware was attached to the back, then additional foam core pieces were added to keep the project from leaning forward, once hung.
To add some depth and color to the cloud I layer it.  I starting with some thick chipboard covered with blue cardstock, then foam core covered with purple cardstock, and lastly some Swiss dotted paper was used for the top layer.
You can also see that I used more chunky twine to cover the raw edges of the foam core layer.
To add even more color I used a flower border file, to create a headband. 
The headband was embellished with leaves from the Garden Flowers Craft Kit, Doodlepop stickers, stickers from the Spring Garden Icon Sheet and various sprinkles.
The left side of the cloud was looking a little bare, so I added the word "smile" from the Icon sticker sheet, along with some sprinkles and a doodle-pop flower.  Here's the finished piece  hanging in my daughter's room.
I hope you will love playing with Doodlebug's Chunky Twine, as much as I did.
Happy crafting! Jennifer :)

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