Monday, May 2, 2016

Planner Project Challenge by Kimberly Lund

Hi Doodlebug friends! This month's assignment for Doodlebug was a planner project and you know I'm all over that one. I actually keep three planners going (but am woefully behind on my scrappy planner) so creating a planner project isn't difficult. What I did want to do was push myself to go a little outside my box and try using Doodlebug products in my traditional planner, where I usually use products created just for that planner. Here's a little preview of how it looked:


And here's how the week looked:


For my traditional planner, I use inserts I purchased from an Etsy store and they go into my Filofax. I like ring bound planners because I can take out the inserts (for photos, writing ,etc.) and I can also add things to it. It just works for me. I love these particular inserts becasue while there's a lot of room in each day, I've also got that great grid area where I can go crazy decorating or make lists or use it for whatever suits my mood at the time. I used Doodlebug's Under the Sea collection to decorate this spread and love how it turned out.

And the details are here:





I track dinners, workouts, some tv watching and the weather in my planner. It makes me happy and I think it's going to be so much fun to have these detailed planners for future generations to look through and see what was important to me. Or maybe they'll toss them and think it's silly. They make me happy, and that's what's important.

Hope this inspires you to try a planner project of your own! Kim


  1. Very nice! I feel the same about my planner - maybe future generations will think it's great, maybe they'll think I was crazy. Where do the non-Doodlebug stickers come from? The happy washing machine - AAAHHH! so cute

  2. You did it again Kim!! Love it as always!

  3. Oh the whale!!! Such cuteness!!!

  4. You always do such a great job on your planner pages! So many great details!


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