Sunday, March 18, 2018

Abigail Font Focus | Holiday Mini Album by Caroli

Today I am super excited to share this project with you, because is a very special one. The Design Team here at DD were challenged to use lots of Abigail alphas in our projects this month, and this is what I came up with: a mini album documenting my vacations last summer in the south of my country, Chile.

I went for a simple binding technique, wrapping the covers with patterned paper and binding them to the pages with my Bind-It-All machine. You can see some Abigail alphas in black color on the front cover.

This mini has a lot of journaling, of course I combined my own handwriting with Teensy Typo alphas in the Swimming Pool color.

I love to include informative details on a mini, in this case, the name of the place we were visiting. I used Abigail and Teensy Typo alphas to add information on my photo and on the page next to it.

Although it's a small mini-album, I managed to include some panorama photos by cutting and folding them in order to make them fit in within the size of my mini.

If you know me, you will know that I love to create mini albums with as much crazy layers as possible, and this is no exception. I wanted to have all kind of pages in this book, so I included pages of different sizes and even some plastic folders with tiny pics.

Some more Abigail goodness for adding a special touch to another page, this time in the new mint color.

I love how funny and crazy this mini album is which also documents the happy vacations I spent with my family this year. This is also the album I taught in a class I gave at the beginning of March in Costa Rica, so it's a very special project and I'm so happy that I got to work with this gorgeous collection on it.

I hope you gained some inspiration so you can start printing pics for working on one for yourself! if you have any question do not hesitate to leave a comment, thank you for visiting us today, see you on a next post!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Abigail Font Stickers | St Patrick's Day Wall decor with Brigit

Happy St. Patrick's Day! One of my favorite holidays, good food, and drinks with the company of my family and friends, telling old stories and creating new ones, so fun! Well, today I have this cute Irish wall decor project to share with you.

To create the slats I used one of the side pieces of the wooden crate from Lori Whitlock's shop. These are perfect for any 3D sign, I resized one making sure the words and cut files would fit and then duplicated twice. I also made two smaller ones for the back which holds the three slats together.

To decorate I used some of the petite prints, grasshopper daisy-stripe, lily-white swiss dot and mandarin gingham-grid for the top layer of the slats. The letters used are from the Abigail limeade sticker set, I totally forgot to add the apostrophe but I've since added it. 🙂

All the cut files are from the Happy Go Lucky Bundle, you can get this bundle from Lori Whitlock's shop.

The rest of Doodlebug supplies used are - Tangerine Daisy Stripe - Limeade Gingham Grid - Marigold Textured Cardstock - Beetle Black Textured Cardstock - Lily White Textured Cardstock - Cupcake Textured Cardstock - Lily White Sprinkles

Hope you have a Healthy and Happy St. Patrick's Day, thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Abigail Font Stickers | Traveller's Notebook by Nathalie

Just like the other designers did this week, I decided to use the Abigail stickers for my latest project. Their size, colors and style are perfect for covers and titles.

I am very excited because they totally inspired me to finish a traveler's notebook project I had been working on for a while. So today I am sharing my last spread, the opening page and the cover (I typically leave those two undone until the very end).
For the spread, I printed a full size photo and added the alpha stickers directly on it. I used four different colors of Abigail stickers to make it more fun. I love how they pop against the blue sky.
On the left side, I covered the page with some Cream & Sugar X's & O's paper and then made a pocket using some limeade cardstock from the Petite Prints pack. In the pocket, I put an office tag with my journaling. A piece of Doodlebug twine brings the blue of the sky on the left side.
The pocket is decorated with an arrow sticker from the Cream & Sugar This & That sticker sheet, tangerine Sprinkles and a Cute Clip.

For the opening page, I reserved a favorite photo that represented the blooming desert:
I placed it on a piece of yellow paper from the 6x6 So Punny paper pad and tore the bottom. I then created my title with the white Abigail stickers. The cute cactus clip (they are irresistible!) brings a touch a green. In the end, I decided to add more green with a bit of limeade swiss dot washi.

For the final touch, I used some coral Abigail stickers directly on the cover of my insert:
Isn't that a gorgeous color? I love how it turned out and I am so happy that this project is finally finished! Come back tomorrow for more inspiration with the Abigail alphas!


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Abigail Font Stickers | Beautiful You Layout by Anita + Process Video

Mixing and matching Doodlebug products from one collection to another is made so easy with the colors being consistent throughout the lines. Add in some black alpha stickers from the new Abigail sticker range and creating a layout couldn't be more simple.
I absolutely love how all the colours just mix so well together and I love using up those scraps of paper that end up at the bottom of the paper pile... 

So I pulled out a few patterned papers that I had in my scraps bag ..
( yep I keep all my little scraps of Doodlebug paper in a 12x12 zip lock bag )
I layered them underneath my photo vertically and horizontal clustering in the center 

Then I wanted to add some squares so I went through all my odds and ends packs to look for the little frames that come in the packs and I chose the colours pink and blue and as I couldn’t find a green in the same colour I diecut a square out using my Sizzix big shot and square stitched dies and then I tucked them underneath the other frames at the top and bottom of my photo 

Next I started adding my flowers adding the flower doodle pop first and adding more little flowers from the icon sticker sheet around my photo 

And I added a few of those cupcake glitter sprinkles around the flowers at the top and bottom
And as we are featuring the beautiful Abigail Cardstock Stickers and I’ve chosen to use beetle black 
I first stuck them to a bit of white cardstock then trimmed around the whole title giving it that diecut look and adhered it to my layout 

And here’s a close up of my photo and those cute doodle pops

And if you like to watch my process video of how I put my layout together 
Check it out!

Product used 
5474 dainty daisy doodle pop
5226 pink flamingo doodle pop
4533 cupcake glitter sprinkles 
5706 spring things mini icons stickers 
5448 spring things icon stickers 
5503 spring a ling 
5777 trick or treat 
5492 cream and sugar 
5499 bitsy bouquet 
4496 bubblegum mini paper clips
5484 cream and sugar odds and ends 
5599 dragon tails odds and ends 
5598 fairy tales odds and ends 
5486 Easter express odds and ends 
5433 Citrus gingham linen 
5820 beetle black Abigail Cardstock Stickers 


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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Abigail Font Stickers | Planner Pages with Jennie

It's no secret that I love a little variety in my planning.  I'm always looking for ways to innovate and make the planning process more efficient and more fun at the same time.

I've been using alphabet stamps in my planning for a while now as it makes it easy to identify and label re-occurring themes.  When I saw the Doodlebug Abigail alphabet stickers I KNEW they would be perfect for this.  They are just so cute and the perfect size.

I love the yellow and how it just pops on the page!  Not only that, it really provides a really fun way to jazz up the week.
Now, those alphabet stickers are perfect like that.  They are.  But they are also just so cute I thought they should be a focal point.  I mean, they are decorative on their own.  So, I thought I would try something new.

I gathered all of my Abigail alphabet stickers and this Happy Planner® currently page. I decided that I would create a rainbow of alphas + highlight the important dates in April.
I drew faint diagonal lines in pencil then followed the Roy G. Biv color palette and set off to create an Abigail rainbow around the important dates we have in April.

It's totally crazy and a little bit different, but it created a fun page in my planner, plus used up some of those alphas that are harder for me to find uses for.  Win-win!
How are you using the Doodlebug Abigail alphabet stickers?  We would love to see!  Tag us on social media when you use them, too!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Abigail Font Stickers | Easter Treat Box Tutorial by Karen

I have a confession to make - I love making little treat containers. And it's not just because I have an excuse to snack on some chocolate as I craft (because really, do I need an excuse?!) but also because they are a simple little craft that goes a long way to showing someone just how special they are to you, especially when you personalize them with Abigail letters! With Easter coming up around then bend, I thought it might be great to make some treat containers that could be used on the dinner table as both a little marker for each guest's spot as well as a little party favor for them to take home (or, well, eat right then and there as I might do...there is no shame in loving chocolate, right?). These cute little boxes, featuring a "box in box" design and one of my favourite collections -; Easter Express - pack a little bit of a "wow" punch when you open them up. And given that Doodlebug collections coordinate so well, if you tend to hoard your patterned papers a bit, you could mix and match with other papers like Petite Prints or even solid cardstocks! And can we just talk about these Abigail letters?! They are a perfect addition to these 2"x 2" boxes. In fact, you could even do first and last initials depending on your guests! I can't wait to have a table full of these cuties (the containers, not the chocolate, although...) Anyway, just in case you wanted to whip up a few of these for those that you celebrate with, I thought I would put together a step-by-step for you. Measure and cut as precisely as you can so it all comes together well! OUTER BOX 1. Cut a piece of double sided patterned paper - 6" x 8.5". Place the pattern you would like on the outside of your box facing down (so you are looking and working on the "wrong" side of the pattern). 2. With the 8" edge across the top of your scoring board, score at 0.5", 2.5", 4.5" and 6.5". 3. Turn your paper 90 degrees so the 6.5" edge is across the top. Score all the way down the paper at the 2" and 4" marks. 4. Now score at the 1.5" mark, skipping every second section. Repeat at the 4.5" mark. Your paper should look like the one above. 5. With the 8" edge across the top, cut up along the 0.5", 2.5", 4.5" and 6.5" stopping at the score mark that runs all the way across your paper. Turn your paper around 180 degrees and repeat on the other side. The top and bottom edges will now have 4 tabs. 6. Snip off the 3 sections on the top and bottom edges that you created with the interrupted score lines (the ones that did not go all the way across the paper at 1.5" and 4.5"). Your paper will look like the one 7. above. 7. With the smallest section on the left, draw diagonal lines across each of the four sections the extend out on the top and bottom edges. These will form the sides of your box. 8. Snip off these sections that were drawn. 9. Apply your favourite adhesive to each of the 0.5" sections that you have. 10. Starting with the smallest flap, fold it inward, adhering the 0.5" tabs on the inside of the larger diagonal pieces. Take that section and fold it up 90 degrees, adhering these diagonal pieces to the next set of flaps. 11. Repeat this process on the other end of the box (you will have one less flap to work with on this end). 12. Snip off the triangular pieces that stick up with a pair of scissors. 13. You are now finished the outside of the box. INNER BOX: 1. Cut a coordinating piece of paper to 5 15/16" x 5 15/16". Place it with the pattern you would like to show on the outside facing down. Score at the 2" mark. 2. Turn the paper 90 degrees and score again at the 2" mark. Repeat on the remaining two sides. 3. Snip up along the score lines stopping at the first score line you come across. 4. On each of the 4 outside tabs, trim off about half of the section and then angle cut each edge. This will remove the bulk of your box as you are folding it. 5. Fold in the tabs that you just cut, and run adhesive along each edge. 6. Fold these adhesive tabs up 90 degree and then pull up the long side to complete your box. 7. Slip the smaller box into the larger one, and you are set to have some fun embellishing, decorating and filling! So there you have it - a cute little treat box that would be perfect for any dinner table! tell me what you think - would you love these on your table, or would the temptation to empty them before hand be to great?! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs, Karen
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