Monday, August 31, 2015

Beautiful Cardstock Challenge Sunflowers by Kathy

Hi Everyone!  It's Kathy today with a project featuring Doodlebug's (very YUMMY) Textured Cardstock.  I created some fun Sunflowers for my daughter's desk... they're her favorite flower and I thought these ones would last all year long!
 I am a self proclaimed cardstock snob.  I do a lot of projects with my Silhouette, so my cardstock has to be good... and Doodlebug Design Textured Cardstock is FABULOUS!  It cuts beautifully, even intricate designs, and it's sturdy enough to withstand a lot of handling!  One more thing... it comes in the most beautiful array of colors! My project was created using Sunshine and Chocolate Chip Cardstock.

See how crisp the cuts are?

Doodlebug Textured Cardstock doesn't rip or tear either when you try to remove it from your cutting mat... even for very detailed designs like my sunflowers!

It also holds up well to shaping and curling like I did here with my leaves and petals.  Here are some close-ups of the flowers...

I created my "stems" using a wood dowel, which I covered in Fernwood Washi Tape.  The flowers are attached to the stems using some hot glue.  I'm so happy with the finished project, and my daughter loves them!  That's it for me today, make sure to keep checking the Doodlebug Blog for more Cardstock inspiration from the Design Team!  Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cardstock Challenge: Paper Floral Wreath by Mendi

Hello there Doodlebugs!  It's Mendi here today with an easy project focused on all of Doodlebug's yummy textured cardstocks!  They come in so many gorgeous colors and are perfect for home decor projects like the wreath I am sharing today.
I really needed a wreath for my front door to fill in after the 4th of July holiday and carry me through September and I decided floral fit the bill.  I started by covering a foam wreath form with wide denim "ribbon".  I picked some up for a steal at my local Michaels and I was amazed at how quickly and easily I was able to cover the entire form.  I only added some adhesive at my starting and stopping points and I had the entire thing covered in a mere 5 minutes.  When doing this make sure to buy a second roll. I ended up needing just shy of two rolls so I was really thankful I went ahead and picked up two just in case.
For my flowers I cut out several beautiful 3D varieties by Lori Whitlock (available HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE) which I cut out on my Silhouette machine.  The dimension is so perfect for home decor items and the cardstock was a breeze to cut out using Silhouette's textured cardstock setting.  I took it one step further, flipping designs when necessary and cut them out from the non-textured side of the cardstock.  This helps the blade run more smoothly without getting caught on any texture and when flipped over, the cuts look very clean.  In fact this trick works so well, I even try to do this with patterned paper to avoid those little white corners on the front of my cuts.
I must confess even though Lori has some wonderful video tutorials on how to assemble these (seen HERE), I was having trouble getting my flowers to look as pretty as her samples at the Silhouette store.  To cover up my handicap, I added Doodlebug buttons and pearls to the center of my flowers after spritzing on some ink in the centers.  I finished off my wreath with a matching bow. 
I hope I've inspired you to create a fun home decor project of your own with Doodlebug's wonderful cardstocks.  :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cardstock Challenge: Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!!

Hello, hello!!!
Silvia here showing you my Cardstock Project.
With Doodlebug you have the possibility of choosing among many colors of cardstock. You can create amazing projects with cardstock alone!
I was thinking of how I could show you just how dynamic the range of colors is,
and I had the idea of making this layout.
Daniela is the older of my nephews. She was like a miracle for the family and I love her very much. She reminds me of colors,
and with this beautiful picture of her
I wanted to see her between flowers, and I did that literally.

This is my layout:
There are so many colors of cardsatock, I love them all!!!
With a small punch I cut a lot of flowers, close to ten thousand!!
Ok not so many but believe me, they were a lot!! Ha ha ha 
 I used the color of the edges of  the picture to choose the colors of cardstock I was going to use 
  The texture of the cardstock is so beautiful!!
I used Skinny Alphabet in white, it looks super cute right??
I hope you like my project and it can inspire you to use all the Doodlebug's colors of Cardstock.
Thanks for stopping by!
And remember I love to read your comments!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Cardstock Challenge: Butterfly Cards by Piali

Hello Doodlebug Fans!!!

Piali here , today I have a clean & simple card set to share.
I love Doodlebug cardstock...they coming in so many yummy colors!!!
The texture is great too!!
I used only cardstock for this card set.
 Cardstock used: Mandarin, Slate Grey and Black.

 Cardstock used: Citrus, Pistachio, Slate Grey and Black.

 Cardstock used: Citrus, Slate Grey and Black.

 Cardstock used: Mandarin, Watermelon,Slate Grey and Black.

I love CAS cards...this set will make a great gift.

Hope you all like this set!!!

What is your favorite Doodlebug color????

Thanks for stopping by..
Happy Crafting!!
Thanks, Have a great weekend!! Piali My blog:

Friday, August 21, 2015

1D Color Challenge in Lilac by Vicki Boutin

Hello there friends!!!  I have to say...I really enjoy a challenge and what could be better than a color challenge!  The color that often is a challenge for me is anything in the purple range.  So I was worried that Doodlebug's lovely lilac must cause me to struggle.  Guess what?!?!?!  I LOVE how this page turned out.
Take a look...

I had these photos from the 1D concert and they found the perfect home on this Lilac page!  Lots of variations in papers like Textured Cardstock, Sugar Coated Cardstock, Sprinkles Vellum, Petite Prints and Kraft in Color.  Great basics including Sprinkles, Mini Paperclips, Skinny and Teensy Stickers and Twine.


I added a little white and black which really made the lilac pop!!


And Mini Doilies of course!!!


I really LOVE how this turned out!!!  Make sure to check out all of the vibrant, assorted, candy shoppe colors available from Doodlebug!!!  They make this girls heart happy!!!!

Have a great day!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Color Challenge: Limeade Projects by Silvia

Hello, hello!!!
This is Silvia showing you a really beautiful Doodlebug color:
Limeade and Bubblegum are my favorite Doodlebug colors.
For this challenge I combined my favorite scrapbook brand with an
unfulfilledhobby: Quilting.
I haven't learned anything about quilting, but I hope in the future
I can make something like that with fabric.
So I was inspired by this picture that I found on Pinterest
I began to work in my computer with this design in mind.
I made a SVG an sent it to my Silhouette
I started working with a lot of Doodlebug cardstock in Limeade

It was so fun beacuse it was like I was doing a puzzle :)
So I had ready the background.
I began designing the frame and my initial, and they were made in MDF and laser cut
 A lot of Limeade embellishments later, Sugar Coated Cardstock, Sprinkles, Buttons, Jewels, Pearls and Doodlebug Twine, my project looks like this
Here are some details
It looks so nice in my office!!! I really enjoyed using Limeade!!!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like my project
and remember I love to read your comments!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Color Challenge: Ladybug Cards by Wendy Sue

Hello Doodlebug friends!  It's Wendy Sue here today and I'm so excited to participate with the design team's color challenge!  My color will have you seeing red- ladybug red that is!  I love that this is a color that is in MANY of the different collections and it is one of the original Doodlebug colors as well.  No matter how old the products in my stash, they coordinate perfectly with the newest releases that are rolling off the press right now!  I decided to feature four different cards from the "create-a-card" system.  Each card base and coordinating envelope is ladybug red.  And I used mainly ladybug red papers, stickers, and embellishments on the cards, with just a few accent colors.
Here's a closer look at my card and envelope sets:
Ladybug red and Beetle black adorn this teacher card:
Bon Bon brown mustaches coordinate perfectly with this ladybug card:
How about a little lime green froggy holding a love note on this ladybug card:
And finally, some traditional ladybug, blue jean, and lily white deck out the front of this thank you card:

Now it's your turn!  Pull out a few different doodlebug collections and pick one color to start with, then pull in other colors to compliment your main choice.  I bet you'll be surprised at how many looks you can get with one dominant color!  Thanks for stopping by - be sure to come back tomorrow to see how one of my fellow designers met the color challenge!
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