Friday, December 7, 2018

Christmas Town Planner Pages | with Jennie

It's almost Christmas and we're all pretty excited. Except, there's stuff to do, am I right? There are gifts to buy, there are lists to make and there are cookies to bake. So, how do we keep track of that? This year, I've started a brand new hardbound notebook to keep track of all that is going on and everything I need to keep track of this season! Obviously, I needed the help of Doodlebug's Christmas Town collection! It's so cute and motivates me all season long.

One of the things I need to track is the stocking stuffers!  They seem simple but they multiply if you're not careful. So, a page devoted to them is easy - especially with Abigail Alphabet Stickers and washi tape.
Now, gifts?  I usually use a few pages to jot down ideas.  I've got those.  But, once I've finalized the ideas - I need to have a page to add those gifts and who they come from.  The easiest way for me is to do so with a blank page but I like to add a little bit of decoration, too.  So, I did the same thing as I did before with the Abigail Alphabets and the washi tape.  Simple yet oh so festive!

This notebook, heavy on both cute and function, is going to keep me going all month long.  It'll make the season even more festive thanks to the organization and wonderful Christmas Town collection!

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  1. Such a great idea!! I love all the details! Stocking stuffers get out of control here too!


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