Saturday, May 7, 2016

Planner Love Challenge: Colorful Planner Spread by Christine Meyer

I love to decorate my planner.  It's less about the organization and more about making the spread look pretty.  Seeing that pretty page sitting on my counter just makes me happy.  Christine joining you today with a planner spread using Spring Garden and Daily Doodles!
 Sometimes I stamp in my planner, sometimes I just write, and sometimes I like to use the Teeny Type letter stickers.  With the different shapes to choose from it's easy to perk up my planner with the Teensy Type stickers.

I love to have a decorated column in my planner.  A lot of planners use this as an extra area for jotting stuff down, I just use it to play :).  

I used a different color of the Teensy Type Letters for each person in the family.  Works perfect for identifying who's got stuff going on that day.

I also used Scallop Washi Tape Assortment to separate my rows.  I use the Washi Tape Assortments for this purpose nearly every time I decorate my planner.  Having so many colors and designs makes it easy to match my mood and color scheme!


  1. WOW - love this!!! It is so fun and bright and I love the way you used Doodlebug products on this!! So fun and super spectacular!!

  2. This is such a fun planner spread!!

  3. Love your planner Christine!! So happy and bright!

  4. This is such a sweet page! I especially love the hello May title that you ran along the edge. The colors and icons are just so cheery that you can't help but smile :)


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