Thursday, May 12, 2016

Daily Doodles Challenge: Chores Chart by Melinda

The mere mention of chores and my children suddenly develop selective deafness and disappear from sight. Especially our middle child... we have tried so many different approaches with our 10 year old son that I was beginning to think he truly was allergic to doing his allocated jobs. So, out of pure frustration I've started making him a monthly chores calendar with pocket money attached. At first glance he rolled his eyes and said 'gee thanks mum' with as much sarcasm as he could muster. It may not work as much as I'd hoped it would but atleast now WE can keep track of what he has and hasn't done... and it looks rather cute on the kitchen wall too.

I decided to decorate the top and bottom for my amusement rather than my son's as I knew he wouldn't be overly thrilled with the whole idea. Atleast it's cheerful.

He did make a positive comment that he rather liked the scooter so that was a win for Mum.

Talk about writer's cramp by the time I'd finished adding all his chores. He went as far as counting up how many jobs he had to do in a month and was rather appalled when he reached a total of 115. I did point out that he was being paid for his work and if he didn't do it then I'd have to do it and the money would stay in my pocket.

I cut out the little shape on the daily doodle and poked his pocket money into the slot and fixed it with a cute little colour co-ordinated peg. This was the only part of the whole chart he actually thought was worthy of his attention.

It may not be a win for my son but it's a win for me.

I hope I have given you inspiration with a twist for using your Daily Doodles, especially if you have a child or two at home that have developed an aversion to chores.

Thanks for stopping by - Melinda


  1. This is a great use of these daily doodles. I think I need a chore chart too. ;)

  2. Melinda, this is super brilliant and so very clever!! Love that you used the Daily Doodles to make a chore chart - how smart are you?? So SMART!!! Love this!!

  3. Wow! What a wonderful idea and such a creative way to use the Daily Doodles pages!


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