Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: Quick Birthday Card by Kandis

Hi this is Kandis and I'm always in need of some cute birthday cards that can go for either a boy or girl. That's why I used the Birthday Celebration collection--it's in primary colors so you can use if for boys and girls!

Step 1: Take out your limeade card and adhere a 2" thick strip of patterned paper. Layer the red loopy fancy frills sticker over top.

Step 2: Punch out the Happy Birthday diecut.

Step 3: Add foam adhesive to the back.

Step 4: Add to card.

Step 5: Pull out the balloon stickers.

Step 6: Add foam adhesive.

Step 7: Place on card.

Step 8: Choose your doodle twine. I'm using Swimming Pool.

Step 9: Make little bows and string on the balloons with the twine.

You are done! 

Supply List:
Create a card square grid assortment in limeade
Birthday Celebration fancy Frills
Birthday Celebration Icons
Birthday Celebration Cute Cuts
Doodle Twine in Swimming pool
Birthday Celebration Doodle Cut paper

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  1. Very cute and what a great idea to do for both a boy and girl!!!

  2. Cute card -- so simple and so very cute.

  3. This card is very cute. Love the colors for a boy.

  4. Very cool Kandis! Your tutorial is very well done! :)

  5. Great job, Kandis! I LOVE that red loop sticker. Gotta dig those out. :)

  6. very cute card .... and great idea to do for both peoples..
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