Monday, August 22, 2016

Kid's Craft Challenge: Clip Up Photo Board by Courtney

Kid's crafts week!!!! Courtney Lee from Court's Crafts here!

I was really excited to pick one of the (all too many) projects that I have had to my head to do with my little humans. They LOVE doodlebug washi tape maybe more than anyone on earth. I am surprisingly stingy with it so when I brought 48 rolls of washi tape out and told them we were going to play with it... needless to say they were STOKED. 

I used to have a banner with their direct family and godparents on it in their room. They loved it and it was a way to keep them close. It was cute but it didn't hold that many people and it was now really outdated. So I printed out these little 2x2 pictures and went to work. 

They LOVED this Kitten Smitten collection so I knew it was the one to use. First they helped me cover the clothes pins (no joke, they did some themselves at 2.5 and 4 (she just turned 4 last week!)). They are very detail oriented little humans. 

Then I put all the small die cuts from the Odds and Ends out on the table and they got to choose which ones to put on the clothespins (and the orientation of the die cuts). I adhered the die cuts with dimensional foam tape and they were VERY proud of their creations.

Check out my oldest. She just turned 4 a couple of weeks ago. This was her idea for a photo shot... I think I see a next generation doodlebug!

Next it was time for adult help. I cut the 2x2 pictures apart (I print them out as a 4x6 photo) and there were already 4 perfect polaroid frames in the Odds and Ends. I used those first and attached the pictures to the back of the frames using washi tape. The bottom right one in this picture - the pink hearts is one of those die cuts that comes in the Odds and Ends.

After that I found a polaroid frame in my Silhouette arsenal of die cuts, resized them to fit, and I arranged it so that three or four were in each 6x6 inch quadrant. I put the four patterned papers from the 6x6 paper pad in the four quadrants and so I was able to cut them all in one pass. YES! 

Lastly I had this board in the kitchen and I added all the photos to the wire. I added the "family" using chippers in swimming pool.

This would also be super cute on one of those chicken wire frames or simply by getting an empty photo frame and stringing twine across it. CA-UTE!

doodlebug: washi tape: scallop assortment (4800)
doodlebug: washi tape: gingham assortment (4803)
doodlebug: washi tape: dot assortment (4802)
doodlebug: washi tape: stripe assortment (4801)
doodlebug: kitten smitten: 6x6 paper pad (5298)
doodlebug: kitten smitten: odds and ends (5244)
doodlebug: chippers: swimming pool (4515)


  1. I don't know which is cuter, your project or your girlies!!!

  2. What an adorable project - I love things like this! And look how big the girls are getting! Nice job Court! :)


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