Saturday, April 28, 2018

Embellishing Focus | Planner Pages with Jomelle

What are you favorite embellishments? Doodlebug has variety of colorful and fun embellishments that I always love to use in my planner set up and layouts.
Embellishments are so fun and easy to use. They add that extra factor and detail in my planner. 
 Did you know that Doodlebug has many, if not all the colors of doilies, sprinkles and mini clothespins? I love love using them. 
The odds & ends are perfect for decorating my planner pockets. As you may already know, I love decorating my planner pockets to match my dashboard. It's part of setting up my planner.
 I made my dashboard using pieces from the odds & ends. As you can see here, I added doilies, sprinkles and clothespins. Those small details just add the cuteness as part of the dashboard.
 Weekly layout for the 1st week of May. I used the mini icon stickers to decorate my pages.

 Doodlebug now has jelly clips that goes with each new collections and they are just perfect for my planner. 
 I decorated one of the envelopes with some more odds & ends. I then added the heart clip and clothespins. I plan to use this to hold some sprinkles and I can just add holes to the side to put in my planner.
I just love all the embellishments Doodlebug has to offer. The colors and assortments will match any of their collections. I hope you enjoy looking through my planner set up. See you next time. 

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