Saturday, April 7, 2018

Down On The Farm | Planner Pages with Jomelle

"Hay" there Doodlebug friends. I am so "amoosed" by the Down on the Farm collection especially the cows. They are so cute that I wanted to make them the center of attention in my planner.

 All about the adorable cows. I used one of the farm assortment card and envelopes and I decorated the blue envelope using odds & ends and I used it as part of my dashboard.
I just can't help but redecorate my planner pockets to match my dashboard. 
Of course my weekly layout is all about the cows as well. The cow pattern washi and papers are really fun to use. I added the black color numbers and letters for the dates to match.

I cut this lovely 3x4 cow card and added it in my weekly layout.
What's under the cow card when you flip it over. I can also add notes and or picture behind it as well. Aren't the lambs adorable?
It's so much fun decorating my planner and my dashboard using the farm animals especially the cows. Thank you for stopping by. See you next time.


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