Friday, April 27, 2018

Embellishing Focus | Planner Pages by Jennie

I love making my planner super functional.  It's how I get through the weeks with not messing things up too horribly.  I get to our activities and appointments on time thanks to those pages.  However, I feel like we can make them look good at the same time -- while remaining functional.

I really love washi tape.  Doodlebug washi is my most favorite, too.  It's gorgeous and has that smooth texture and just works wonderfully in so many ways.  Washi is wonderful in planners -- it adds as much decoration as you'd like to use on your project.  This scallop washi is just amazing -- so on trend but still wonderful in it's practical use.

Image1 (23)
I knew I wanted to add lots of washi this week to create a rainbow yet still keep every single activity the focus.
Though I have to say, that doesn't mean you cannot add a pop of decoration here and there.  Using spots that you don't need for function can be opportunities to decorate! You can even add special decorative bits, like the Doodlebug Cream and Sugar Sprinkles that I used here.
Image1 (20)
Each decorative cluster does not have to be really involved.  It can still be super fun yet simple.  This one is just fun using one of the Doodlebug Mini Doilies as a base for this cluster.
Image1 (21)
I just love how you can add a couple of strips of washi and a Doodlebug Down On The Farm Cardstock Icon Sticker or two and create something really amazing that can really inspire you throughout the week!
Image1 (22)
 Do you love using Doodlebug Washi on your projects? Would love to know how you are using it?

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