Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Down On The Farm | Planner Pockets with Jennie

I love my travelers notebooks!  They are so fun to decorate, there's such a lot of freedom and tons of room for creativity.  One of the things I love is adding pockets.  Today I used the Doodlebug Down On The Farm Cards and Envelopes to do just that!
I'm using the tiniest card with the stitching printed on the card.  However, it's not a pocket like that!  We need to add a little real stitching to create a real card.  Enter, my sewing machine to stitch along both sides!
Now, the card is a pocket.  I'll attach it to my first notebook cover and dress it up a bit, too.
I love to use these pockets to hold extra paper clips like the Doodlebug Down On The Farm Jelly Clips.  (Talk about CUTE!)  However, I like to slip a little washi in the pocket, too.
Take a small shipping tag and wrap a little bit of washi; around it.  Now, you can take a little washi with you on the go!
Just a few die cuts and the pocket is super functional but could not be cuter!  Now, you can focus on the planning you like to do in your notebook!
All of the Doodlebug Down On The Farm products are perfect for planning!  They can make the most mundane of appointments look adorable.

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