Friday, April 20, 2018

Embellishing Focus | Floral Swags and Clips by Anabelle

Doodlebug has so many wonderful embellishments that complement the collections. I decided to use them to create some decorations for my Traveler's Notebook and my planner. Floral swags are so trendy right now as design elements for the front covers of Traveler's Notebooks. I decided to make one! Here's how it turned out.
I started off my punching flowers from the polka dot patterned paper pad. I used the twine and wrapped it around the larger flower, securing it on the back with tape. 
Next, I adhered this flower to another large one using foam adhesive. 
I used a smaller flower with a punched paper circle as a topper. Then, I added some sprinkles for even more texture and dimension. I adhered this flower with foam adhesive, as well. My final step was to fold one of the large doilies in half and adhere the three flowers to it. The doily folds over the elastic on the front of the TN. I secured it with one of the small clothespins. Here's how it looks on my notebook.
As you may know, I love making planner paper clips for my notebooks. I decided to use the small flower punch to create some clips. Here's how they turned out...
Again, I used the sprinkles in the center of the flowers. This time I used the small paper clips to make the flower stems. I clipped them to the flower, then adhered the the punched circle with the sprinkles.Then, I hot glued the flowers to a paper clip.
Don't they look cute sticking out of the top of the notebook??? I also was able to use the embellishments in the front pockets of my planner. Here's how it turned out.
I used the sprinkles to embellish some die cuts and a sticker from the adorable Spring Things collection. I held them in place with the clothespins. And I was able to add in a couple of the adorable floral shaped paper clips.

I made another twine floral embellishment and added it to the pocket. 
To tie things all together, I made a weekly spread in my planner using Spring Things. I don't typically add a lot of bulk to these pages because it's hard to write on them if I do, but the floral clips I made were the perfect accent, along with another couple of the flower paper clips.

As you can see, I was able to use the sprinkles, paper clips, twine and clothespins in a variety of ways on my notebook and planner. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Those flower swags are fabulous!!!! Such fun embellies!!!

  2. Amazing arts and crafts work. Would love to do this for our local fundraiser, this upcoming June. Thanks for the share.
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