Monday, March 20, 2017

Collectible Pin Challenge: Colorful Display Board by Jennifer Beason

Hello, Doodlebug fans.  Jennifer here with a fun way to display your Doodlebug collectible pins and brighten up your space at the same time.  Since my daughter has taken over my collection of pins, this project is for her.   She already has her eye on the unicorn pin from the new Fairy Tales collection, and at this rate, I may end up having to make another one of these pretty soon. But that's okay, it was super easy to create.
I used a Maya Road shadow box that I had on hand, but anything similar will do.  A piece of foam was glued to the bottom of the box, then a layer of thin cork was glued to the foam.  The sides of the box were covered with patterned paper and a raised scalloped border was added to the inside edges. (Note: To achieve this a thin foam border was attached to the cork first then the scalloped border was applied).
Polaroid prints from the Berry Blossoms sheet were mounted onto foam and cut out with a sharp crafting knife. The polaroids were spaced out then glued into the shadow box.
Now you can add your pins, they should stay in place once you push them firmly into place. If not just add a tiny drop of glue to the stem.
Since these are collectibles, I thought it would be nice to have the name of each pin and their number noted on the project. I don't like my handwriting so I printed them out on my computer,  the font is called "Bromello".
I left a few of the polaroids blank so my daughter can add more pins later and a few of the polaroids were embellished.
If you have a cool way to display your Doodlebug pins, please share it with us,  we'd love to see!! :)   Jennifer.


  1. What a fun idea to use the Polaroids!!! So cute I bet your daughter loves it!

  2. Adorable Jennifer! Is there a certain kind of foam board you like?

  3. LOVE the polaroids! This is sooo cute!


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