Sunday, March 12, 2017

Calendar Challenge: Snap Chat 'Streak' with Melinda

Until recently I had only heard of Snap Chat via my teenage daughter and never really understood the concept of posting photos that only lasted a few seconds before they were gone... for good. So, after considerable urging from my daughter, I was signed up to this latest form of social media and reluctantly taught the finer points of swapping ridiculous photos which in turn led to a mother-daughter 'Snap Chat Streak'. Putting it in simple terms, a streak is basically something that occurs when you continually correspond with someone on a daily basis.

My main concern with this so called streak was the amount of fun photos we were swapping that never lasted more than a few seconds and that truly annoyed the memory keeper in me. I wanted more, I wanted to be able to have a permanent reminder of our silliness. Something I could hang on the wall and look at every single day.

When the calendar challenge was mentioned as a DT assignment I took a long hard look at the little squares on the Daily Doodle pages. The small spaces became the inspiration for printing out each of the Snap Chat pictures we had in our streak and changing it from a ten second flash of fun to a permanent memory... happy Mum.

I still wanted to decorate the area at the top of the daily doodle as I love playing with pretty bits and pieces to make little scenes. And I honestly can't get enough of the flora and fauna in the latest collections 'Spring Things' and 'Easter Express'.

I used Doodlebug rub-on numbers to keep track of just how long this streak has been going for and hopefully it will continue for some time to come as I honestly love having this memory between my daughter and I... even though some or actually most of the photos are totally ridiculous and embarrasing.

I hope you have been inspired by the design team this past fortnight to use the Daily Doodle Calendar pages in ways you've probably never even imagined. The possibilities are endless.

Melinda Spinks


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