Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Collectable Pin Challenge: Love Polaroid Style Frame by Karen Hanson

Hi everyone, it's Karen from ScrappyCanuck Studios and I am here to share a little project featuring Doodlebug's adorable Collectible Enamel Pins. My family and I joined the enamel pin fan club this last summer when we were down in Disney World, so when I saw that Doodlebug was featuring so many of my favourite characters and icons in pin form, I was smitten! It really doesn't get any cuter than these pins, so it seemed fitting that the design team was challenged to find a way to display them (for times when we aren't proudly wearing them of course)! front My initial idea was simply to stretch some aida cloth across an embroidery hoop, but I had some fun paper and embellishments from the Spring Things collection sitting on my kitchen table, so I thought I would amp it up a notch! I started simply by using some cardboard that was sitting in my recycling bin (my pancake batter box did the trick but any cardboard of chipboard will work) to cut out a basic shape. I then created a duplicate cut in some Spring Things patterned paper and used some Mod Podge to adhere the layers together. I then repeated the steps again to create the back piece and then sandwiched the aida cloth between the front and back pieces! side-view To make sure the display stood up, I just created a simple triangular prism and used my trusty glue gun to attach it to the back. Last but not least... flowers I embellished! The icon stickers, doilies, a mini clothes pin and some doodle twine did the trick for the top corner... doodlepop ...and a beautiful mini Doodlepop and some Sprinkles did the trick for the bottom! angled It's a fun little display for the start of your collection. And as it grows, you could add a few more pins to this one (the finished size 4.5"x 6.5"), or create another two or three displays in different sizes and patterns. You could have a whole little display of displays! Can I admit that I have already outgrown this one since I made it? Thanks for stopping by! Hug, Karen


  1. Adorable. These pins are cute and a little gifts to give to a family or, friends. I just adore these little pins.

    1. Sara, aren't they great?! I can't wait to add more to my collection!

  2. This is just adorable!!! Love the little details!

  3. This is so fresh and sweet! Love it!


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