Saturday, March 11, 2017

Calendar Challenge: March Social Calendar by Courtney

Hello daily doodles lovers!!! Are you just LOVING this inspiration!?! 

Courtney from Court's Crafts here with a classic approach to using the calendar. My thought was that if I could record all the fun things and people that visited and really just events that effect the girls - that I would put them in an album and they would remember all the really fun and cool things we did! 

March - what a fun month. I had to get my favorite umbrella on there as well as the cutest little blue bird. The scalloping below is layering of the "This and That" borders and the sticker came from the new Mini Icons sheet!

I use critters and doodle-pops to highlight the big events. Isn't that flower stunning!?

I use washi tape (HOW CUTE ARE THOSE BABY BUGS!!!?) and more of the mini icon critters to highlight events. I like writing around them. I think it gives the calendar a really fun element. That sparkle rainbow is really old but.... you may see something like it showing up in the next release.... shhh.... ;)

Blue bird.. I could write a song to these blue bird sprinkles. They are so darling. I like to put a little scene in the bottom right of my calendar. Usually they are more elaborate but this calendar was so busy (as we are in March!!!) that I kept it simple. 

 I love the depth the doodle-pops bring to the calendar. Isn't that sparkly rainbow scrumptious!?

I make little slits and add the cute clips. They are my favorite new embellishment. I add them to everything and run out of them first! 

I am happy to say I have been doing these social calendars for about a year and a half now and everyone really enjoys them! They are on display for the month in my family command center while the month is going on and then they are moved to the album and the next one goes up. April's feature's Easter Express! :) Do you have a family calendar? We would love to see your daily doodles!

doodlebug: doodle pops: rainbow (3041)
doodlebug: doodle pops: dainty daisy (5474)
doodlebug: doodle pops: honey bee (5475)
doodlebug: daily doodles: bumblebee (4930)
doodlebug: shaped sprinkles: so tweet (5459)
doodlebug: shaped sprinkles: pastel posies (5458)
doodlebug: odds and ends: spring things (5485)
doodlebug: mini icons : spring things (5706)
doodlebug: icons (5488)
doodlebug: this and that (5491)
doodlebug: 6x6 paper pad (5531)
doodlebug: teensy type in lily white (3435)


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