Saturday, March 25, 2017

Collectible Pin Challenge: Matchbox Drawer Card Gifts with Melinda

Have you ever needed to find a small gift for someone in a hurry or had a child that wanted to take something special to school for a friend's birthday? I've been caught out before and ended up spending far more than absolutely necessary because I couldn't find something that would suit. So, I decided to make a stash of super sweet little gifts to have on hand for when that occasion arose. Introducing the Matchbox Drawer Card containing a limited edition Collectible Pin and a Storybook Keychain Album.

Each decorated matchbox has a built in card under the cover flap and contains the corresponding Collectible Pin along with a colour matching Storybook Key Chain. It couldn't get much simpler than that!

I purchased this sweet cut file from the 3D section of Lori Whitlock's store and followed her process video which gave clear instructions on making the wee box.

The little monkey and panda make up part of the menagerie from the all new 'At The Zoo' range.

And I couldn't resist using the viking and tiny dragon from the 'Dragon Tails' collection. Seriously that wee viking with the orange beard is my all-time favourite.

Now I know I wanted to have a stockpile put away for safekeeping but my youngest son has already put his name on the little grasshopper and we have filled the storybook keychain album with family photos, contact numbers and a gold coin for buying a treat. The keychain is now proudly on display whilst hanging from his schoolbag.

And as for the darling unicorn from the new 'Fairy Tales' collection and the pink keychain... well, they now belong to me.

Melinda Spinks


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