Friday, March 10, 2017

Calendar Challenge: Easy Desktop Calendar by Caroli

Hello Doodlebug Design friends! How are you?  It's Caroli and today I want to show you how I made a simple but yet cute desk calendar. 
Some days ago a dear friend and coworker was complaining about her boring office and desk and asked me to make something cute to cheer her space up, so I decided to make this calendar of the first semester for her, with beautiful and happy Spring Things Collection. 

First, you will need a piece of thick white cardboard ( I used 300 grams) of . I scored a line at 1, 11, 11 and 5 cm,  just like you can see on the pic.

Next, you must fold by the scored lines and then use some glue to form a triangle with it, like I show you here:

Also, I printed some calendar sheets on white paper and I decorated them using with alpha stickers of different colors.

Now that the structure is done you just need to decorate it! I used some pattenerd paper and diecuts. I also added a lot of volume using foam dots.

I used a tiny clothes pin to attach the pages to the base, love these tiny cuties

I love how simple and fast this project was and how lovely it came out, my friend was super happy and thankful :)  I hope you like this idea and maybe give it a try. Have a fabulous day! XO.


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