Saturday, March 18, 2017

Collectible Pin Challenge: String Envelopes by Wendy Sue

Hi Doodlebug friends, it's Wendy Sue here today!!  Are you loving all of the fun collectible pin ideas from my fellow design team members?  I sure am! I decided to use my pins to make a gift or card a little bit extra special - these pins were used as part of the "string closure" systems on envelopes and gift boxes!  Simply replace one of the brads with a cute pin.  But be sure to tell the recipient that the pin is part of the gift - and totally removable!!

The two smaller items are gift boxes and the taller piece in the middle is an envelope!  The container is slightly different, but the collectible pin closure system is the same!  Here's a closer look at each piece:

The grasshopper pin made the perfect addition to this sweet little polkadot envelope:

And who could resist this coffee cup pin?  not me!!!

And finally, this little chick is just perfect for a little gift box!

Be sure to check every day through the next week for even MORE fun ways to use these adorable pins!


  1. Your ideas are fabulous, Wendy Sue!!!

  2. What a clever idea! They turned out so cute!

  3. how did you make the cute envelopes?

    1. Kristy, they are downloads from the Silhouette store. If you have a Silhouette, just go to their store and search for "string closure" for many great options! :)


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