Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Pinterest Inspired Challenge: Father's Day Gifts by Jomelle Gomez

Have you ever tried creating a project inspired by something you saw from Pinterest? Well, this is my first time. I wanted to make something special for my hubby for Father's Day. Every year, I tried to make something unique that involve my kids to give to my husband on Father's Day.

This year I was inspired to create this tie. Pinterest had free printable to make this.

Here is the tie I made. I decided to use the Dragon Tails Collection since the colors are perfect for Father's Day. I added the blue twine so my husband can actually wear this tie if he wants to. That'll be super fun to see.

I cut the 12x12 cardstock into 8x11 to fit into my printer. I  used the free printable to print the ties on the cardstock and I just cut them out. I added another design of cardstock into the back of the tie. I also used a solid color cardstock and added behind the questionnaires to add a border.

I had my 8 year old son fill out the questions. I think it's more special when my husband see that our son wrote these.

I added the Viking and the cloud odds & ends to make the tie more unique. I also used the sprinkles to add dimensions to the tie.

Next I wanted to make this toolbox.

Here's my take on the toolbox. Instead of the red toolbox, I decided to use printed cardstock and I decorated it to make it more fun. Again, I used the Dragon Tails Collection. Instead of the coupon book, I decided to use this tool box as a card. 

As you can see here, I used the blue chalk ink for the edges of the cloud, handle and the box.

Here's the inside of the toolbox. This is where I involve my kids. I asked my 2 boys to write something special for their dad. But since boys will be boys, they only wrote "Happy Father's Day" and both of them told me "I don't know what to write mommy" 

Then I used the blue chalk ink and apply on my daughter's left hand and she left her hand print since she is unable to write.

Of course, I wrote a little something special for my husband to read.

My daughter's Hand Print is one of the special part of this project. My husband will treasure this gift as long as he can remember. I cannot wait for my kids to give this to my husband on Father's Day. (here's to hoping he will not read this blog post first)

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you were inspired by my project to also make something special for Father's Day. Have a great day!


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