Friday, June 29, 2018

Washi Tape Gift Holders | with Jomelle

Have you ever been to a Planner Meet Up? Some of you must be wondering "What is a Planner Meet Up"?  For starter, did you know that there's a huge Planner Community? It's much like Scrapbook Community except it's all about planner. Planner Meet Up is a place where all the planner girls with the same passion and love for planners meet. It's also a great way to meet new planner friends. There is also nothing better than meeting people who speak the same language all about planners. Planner Girls also "Swap" during the meet up. It is the staple of any planner meet. I decided to create a holder for washi samples to give and swap with my planner friends.
Sweet Summer Collection is perfect to create something for a Summer Meet.
 I used my Tim Holtz Matchbook Set Dies to create my washi sample holder. You can see the washi samples peeking out of the matchbooks.
I cut and laminated a small cardstock to fit inside the matchbook. I then wrapped the washi tapes around it.
 The Summer Washi Tapes are super cute. I'm sure my planner friends will love them.

 I added some twines, doily and mini clothespin to complete the look of my swap. 
Inside of each matchbook sets I created.
I also love giving cute pens to my planner friends. The ice cream pen is just perfect.
I have been missing my planner friends so I am hoping to attend a meet up soon. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my idea for washi tape sample holder.

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