Saturday, June 30, 2018

3D Train Treat Box | with Karen

You know what I love about paper crafting (well, besides all the amazing paper and accessories)? There are never a shortage of ideas and projects to keep you excited about the craft! One day I can be scrapbooking and the next I can be making cards or tags. And with beautiful paper and accessories from Doodlebug, I can even be whipping up some amazing treat containers... this train that I recently pulled together for my husband using the cute Yankee Doodle collection! I'm calling it my Yankee Doodlebug Train! The lid pops off and the inside of the engine is filled with treats (like my hubby's favourite licorice and a little invitation for a night's stay in a refurbished caboose). Now here's the thing - I make a lot of treat containers. Really. A lot! In fact I would say that there are at least a dozen in my crafty space right now waiting for a new home. I often get asked from fellow crafters about the structure of my containers - what type of paper do I use so that pillow boxes etc. will hold their shape? With Doodlebug products, my answer is always the same...find the patterned paper you love and use it! Doodlebug papers are amazingly resilient...I can score them, fold them, bend them and the paper maintains it beautiful shape and colour! Even foil stays in place! Add to the patterned paper a bit of coloured card stock, and you are all set. Now I know that Doodlebug's amazing patterned papers get a lot of attention. And so they should - we can all agree on that! But one of my favourite Doodlebug products is the textured cardstock. I mean look at the texture on that beautiful blue paper! The weight is amazing and it cuts incredibly smooth! And you will always find the perfect colour to coordinate with your favourite patterned pieces! To finish off this little treat train, I used a bit of vellum for the windows... ...and a wee bit of bling for the wheels. I used the adhesive jewels, but some cute Sprinkles; or sequins; would do the trick too! A pixie stick and some washi tape allowed me to add a little personalized sentiment on the back! How cute would this be for a July 4th centerpiece filled with treats for everyone coming over for a BBQ?
I don't know about you, but I feel like this train needs a few cars to pull along behind it? Any ideas for what I could put inside of those? Thanks for stopping by, and happy crafting! 


  1. Such a fun project!!! I bet your husband loves it!

  2. Where can I get a template or cut file for this train?


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