Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Graduation Cards | with Virginia

In a few weeks time, there will be hollow echos through school hallways and we'll hear the laughter of kids outside as they ramp up for some Summer fun!   Here are some graduation and end-of-school card ideas using the Hat's Off collection.  I made the cards monochromatic with touches of silver foil, all that is needed are school specific color embellishments for that extra pop!
I like to use the cut-apart-cards paper for the card design.  It's so easy to fussy cut out the frame or shape(s) to make instant die-cut elements.
The 4x4 cut-apart card originally had the sentiment 'Let the Adventure begin', you can change up the sentiment to suit your theme. This card would be great for a teacher who is ready to enjoy a splash of Summer fun after a busy school year.
No matter what grade your child is graduating from, it always deserves some recognition!

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