Monday, June 25, 2018

Summer Planner Pages | with Jennie

I love summer!  I especially love decorating for summer in my planner.  And, the most satisfying thing is to use my favorite collection, Doodlebug Design's Sweet Summer in a decorative fashion!

Now, when I mention decorative -- yes this layout is decorative.  However, I did decide I would also keep track of my sons baseball tournaments in addition to the cute decor. This was super simple, especially with the Doodlebug Abigail and Teensy Type Alphas.  I could note the names of the tournaments and they look so cute and perfect with the decor.

The washi is also a fantastic accent!  Helps document a road trip my family is planning on taking!

Speaking of road trips -- how cute is the convertible Icon Sticker to kick it all off?  I just love it -- makes the whole thing so much more whimsical and fun.
Using the Doodlebug Designs Sweet Summer collection in my monthly view of my planner was absolutely perfect - I love the way I can keep the pages both FUN and functional.

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