Friday, April 28, 2017

Dragon Tails Collection: Tri-Fold Card by Caroli

Hello dear Doodlebug friends, how are you today? It's Caroli and I am so glad to be here again sharing a simple idea for creating a fun tri-fold birthday card using gorgeous Dragon Tails collection. 

The procedure for making this car is super simple; first, you'll need a sheet of cardstock (I used Coordinating Cardstock Blue Jean color by DD) and score them every 10 cm, dividing the shee in 3 sections, just like in the pic.

Next, you'll fold the cardstock through the scored lines and form the base for the card. In order to make them more intweresting you will cut the paper in diagonal just like in the pic, leaving 15 cm. in the short part and 25 cm. in the long one.

After that the base will look like this. Now it's ready to be decorated!

For decorating the base you can glue some patterned paper to it, I used these with tiny pattern so it wont look too busy along with the embellishments, in cases like this is very practical to use the 6x6 inches pad.

Finally you can add some diecuts from the Odds & Ends package, some shape or dot sprinkles, anything you want to embellish your card.

This is how my card finally came out. As yopu can see, it was super easy and the result is great. You have plenty of space for writing or even for including some pics! I think this could be a great  option for a group greeting because evryone would have a lot of space for writing a little note...

Dragon Tails - 5545 birthday boy assortment matte sprinkles
Dragon Tails - 5599: dragon tails odds & ends
Dragon Tails - 5647 hip hip hooray double-sided cardstock
Dragon Tails - 5690 dragon tails 6x6 paper pad
Dragon Tails - 5552 balloons shape sprinkles
Fairy Tales - 2983 Doodle Twine - Bright Assortment

I hope you like this idea and give it a try next time you need a fun card, if you have any question just let me know in the comments, have a fabulous day!


  1. This is adorable Caroli! Love all the embellishing to each layer that can be enjoyed from the front. :)

  2. Love this Caroli!!! Such a fun technique!


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