Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Craft Room Organization: Washi Tape Organization by Brigit Mann

Hello Doodlebug Fans, it's Brigit here with you today to share how I like to store my Doodlebug washi tape and more.  I mostly use these three storage solutions for my Doodlebug accessories.  But my main excitement is how I now store my washi tape.

I found this storage organizer from CraftStack at Michaels and boy do I love it!!  This thing can hold a ton of washi tape and it's stackable.

As you can see I have more than just washi tape inside, you can use it for other craft accessories.  I like keeping all my Doodlebug stuff together so this works well for me.

It's so nice to be able see and get to my washi so easily now, I didn't use it much before because it was all stuff in a drawer not easy to see what I had.

I was actually going to buy some empty spice jars to fill with my doodlebug buttons, clips, brads and clothespins but these washi containers fit in there beautifully, love to reuse what I have and I like them so much better then the jars.

I also use it for my doodlebug sequins, beads and glitter, love all those pretty colors.  Those clear containers I found at the Dollar Tree, two fit the back row nicely, they came 10 to a pack.  I added the memento dew drop ink pads just so you can see how they fit in there, I'll be picking up another organizer just for them since I have a bunch.  It's awesome how the draws pull out and tip down so if you have it on a little higher shelf you can still see everything in there.

My doodlebug twine, sprinkles, bag, etc I keep in this Recollections Carousel from Michaels.  I'm not sure if they still carry the clip and spin that fits it but I really like it for my twine.  I don't use the second ring except sometimes I'll clip a card on it if it needs to dry.

All my doodlebug doilies are kept on this Clip Carousel from Tim Holtz, it's not really big but it fits a lot, I have plenty of room on this to fit much more.

Well I hope you've enjoyed some of my doodlebug craft storage ideas, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


  1. Sweet~~love that drawer organizer from Michaels. The fact that the drawers tip down is awesome. May have to check this out. (-;

  2. Just beautifully organized. I love it!

  3. Just beautifully organized. I love it!

  4. Thank you for showcasing the drawers with more than washi. It's giving me reason to look at it again.

  5. Everything looks so happy!!! Love your space!

  6. Looks awesome! Love everything you're able to organize using the washi tape holder. :)

  7. I have those drawers as well and my card making is so much more fun! Plus I know what to buy when I'm shopping for specific colors. I've just recently seen the DB Doilies and though I love to crochet them, are they a fad or something I need to start buying up?


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