Friday, April 7, 2017

Storage/Organization Ideas from Wendy Sue

Hi Friends, it's Wendy Sue here today!  I have been LOVING all of the scrapbook room tours and organization ideas from my fellow design team members!  It's so fun to see how everyone organizes their products and spaces!  Instead of sharing my entire space, I thought I'd just share a few quick peeks at some of my simple organization ideas for my amazing Doodlebug products!

I've actually shared this product here on the Doodlebug blog before...several years ago.  It's my Ribbon Carousel - I have been loving it and using it everyday for many years now! (Here's a link to the post I shared back in 2013).  My collection has grown a lot since then, so I've switched products around.  Right now I have my chunky twine and a few of my most used doodle twine rolls on it. Isn't it awesome?

My collection of doodle tape has grown too!  

I keep some of my go-to tapes in this cute little wooden storage tray I picked up at Home Goods a year or two ago:

I like keeping these little tubes together, and they fit perfectly in one of the cubbies:

Some of my other tapes are in another bin, which I keep in my Scrapbox.  Have you heard of  The Original Scrapbox? That's how I store 75% of my supplies.  Google it.  You'll be glad you did! ;)

As you can imagine, my collection of Doodlebug letter stickers has grown over the years as well.  And I can't bring myself to throw away the pages, even if there's only a letter or two left on the sheet.  My favorite way to organize these awesome letter sticker pages in by color...and then I have them all on a binder ring:

I've had to split my collection to two rings because it was getting too big for one.  So the ring on the right has my tiny type collection and a few other random sticker pages:

And because I love keeping my amazing Doodlebug products in their packaging whenever possible, I've also opted to use binder rings to organize my collection of sprinkles!

 I love being able to sort these products by color - Doodlebug colors are so AMAZING!! ROY-G-BIV wins every single time!

Here's where I have my sprinkles stored:

Right in the other cubby of my doodle tape tray!

And that wraps up the ideas I have to share today.  

It's just a little glimpse, but hopefully someone will find inspiration in my methods!  I'm always on the lookout for unique bins, boxes, and baskets to organize my supplies, so if you have any awesome sources, PLEASE share a link in the comment section!!  Have a colorful day! ♥

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