Friday, August 2, 2013

Washi Tape Week: Taking Washi Tape to the Next Level...seriously!

One of the great things about Washi Tape is the fact you can decorate up just about any type of product. A little splash of washi tape here and there will pull together a party, finish a craft project or simply add color to something otherwise bland.

Washi Tape Tubes
by Kathy Martin

Washi Tape Clips
by Sherry Cartwright

Washi?  What is washi?  In our craft world, washi is a paper tape.  Have you noticed the rainbow of patterns and colors that adorn those rolls of washi tape? Have you used them yet?

Here are a few ideas of projects using washi tape.

First up, a large blue paper clip.  I added pennant / banner / flags to it by simply folding the washi tape over it and then notching the ends.   I added mini rubons, a star brad and a rhinestone.
The second clip is standard size.  I used the same technique as above by feeding the washi tape through the clip and doubling over.  Cut notch.  Add one flower from a fancy frill border.
The next embellishment was an airplane shaped paper clip purchased at a local craft store.  I just added a simple strip of washi tape.  Simple, but cute.
Another shaped clip.  This time I folded a strip of washi in half, then tied it to the top of the arrow clip.  
The next clip embellishment was made in much the same way as the others, but this time folded to look like a puffy bow.  I added an adhesive pearl to the top. 
So many ideas to dress up an ordinary office supply.  Now, let's turn to what used to be a staple household item --- clothespin.  

Cover the clothespin with a strip of washi tape and trim off the excess with a craft knife.  Use a sticker to embellish.  These are cute on craft projects or with a magnet attached to the back for holding notes.  

Another super simple trick that could add some instant flair to your craft project --- covering a large brad with washi tape.  Think of the possibilities --- colors, patterns, oh my!  

For this embellishment, I used the number washi tape from the take note collection to cover a large lily white brad.   To make the brad shiny, you could add a layer of modge podge or glossy accents over the washi tape.

And lastly, a flower made from washi.  Oh yes, a flower.   I covered a piece of cardstock with washi, then punched it for the center of the flower.  Behind that I made a layer of washi ruffles --- fold over a strip of washi almost in half, leaving only a little sticky back out and then ruffle attaching it to the back of the punched piece.    Behind that layer is a ruffle of washi tape, adhesive side up.  Add glitter and brad.   

Here's a few ideas from a recent brainstorm:
  • Cut piece of washi into long triangles and roll into beads, wrapping around a skewer or piercing tool.   
  • Fold washi over doodle twine and notch edge to create a garland. 
  • Fold washi tape in half lengthwise, twice the size of your wrist.  Wrap around pencil or glue tip and braid.  Finish off with button to make a cute bracelet. 
  • Use washi as a label or tab.  Place on file folder and label with permanent marker or rub-ons. 
Can you think of any other creative uses for washi tape?   


  1. I just happened to pick up a box of large paperclips yesterday so I know what I will be crafting today! Thanks for the fun idea.

  2. These are all so cute. Especially love the idea of the puffy bow! :)


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