Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to School: Covered Composition Notebooks

You are going to be at the Head of the Class with either of these darling Doodlebug-ified Notebooks! Stephanie and Kathy simply covered inexpensive composition books with the Take Note Collection. Pick up a few extras of these notebooks this time of year for about $.50 each and you can recreate your own Grade A Notebook.

School Notes Notebooks
by Stephanie Buice

Class Notes Notebooks
by Kathy Martin


  1. Too cute for words! You gals make me want to pick up a bunch of composition notebooks!

  2. These kinds of handmade notebooks and other crafts always get attention and effective to show our art. You shared easy but nice method to create a perfect and amazing covered composition notebook.

  3. Oh my! These all are sooo cute! My seventh grader daughter would love them! I love the idea of wrapping the pencils in washi tape--Such a great way to curb friends from running off with them (something she has actually complained to me about). Although they may want to run away with these even more! ;)

  4. Nice ideas ! Your handmade notebooks are so cute. ^^

  5. These are super cute I <3 you Doodlebug Designs I'm Big fan!


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