Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday Tutorial: Back to School Supply Tower by Tiffany

Every teacher wants school supplies- so what better back-to-school gift to give your child’s teacher than school supplies displayed in a cute and creative way, topped off with Doodlebug’s Take Note Collection. This school supply “tower” is easier than you might think, and comes together fast. I’ve created a tutorial for you to show you just how easy it is!

First, gather your supplies. I used an empty hot cocoa can for the base of my tower, but you can use any empty can or bottle. You’ll also need rubber bands, and whatever school supplies you desire. I chose wood pencils, mechanical pencils, glue sticks and crayons.

First, place a couple of rubber bands around your empty can or bottle. Then, place the mechanical pencils one by one through the rubber bands.

Continue until the entire outside of the can is covered with mechanical pencils.

Then, place more rubber bands around the mechanical pencil row and do the same thing again, only with glue sticks this time.

Continue until you have glue sticks all the way around.

The next row I chose to do was crayons. This is done the same way. Add additional rubber bands for more sturdiness if you want to.

Cut strips of patterned paper and staple them together end-to end and wrap around the outside of the tower to cover the rubber bands. Secure with staples or Doodlebug’s washi tape. Embellish with Doodle Twine and stickers. Add a bunch of wood pencils to the inside of the can. I embellished one of the pencils with stickers.

Here are some close-ups

Make a cute card with Doodlebug’s Create-A-Cards and you’re done!


  1. Super fabulous!! Any teacher would be so tickled to receive this! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Such a fabulous idea! How do you think of something like this?! Very creative!

  3. Oh my goodness! How cool is this?! The teacher that receives it will be so thrilled. Such a great & CUTE idea! :)

  4. This would be cute to cover the can with scrapbooking paper. As the surrounding supplies are used, the can would be useful in storing clips, rubber bands, you name it! Thanks for sharing. Annie

  5. I was thinking a coffee mug would work for the middle - and did you save the box for the crayons to go back in?

  6. As a former teacher, I would appreciate chocolates in the center container.

  7. OMGosh, this is brilliant! I love that any busy mom could put this together!

  8. Yes I did keep the boxes :) And I agree on the chocolate :) Thanks for your nice comments

  9. Great gift idea for teachers and even students. Love the idea of it being so easy to put together, practical, mandatory items for class work, affordable and readily available. A little box of chocolates on the top would be a great topping. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  10. I'm making two of these for one of our granddaughter's rainbow birthday party 'tea'. I'm finding it hard to keep the pencils standing up straight... do you have any suggestions to help me? thank you! pamsparks74atgmail.com


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