Sunday, January 28, 2024

SNOW MUCH FUN TAG MINI | with Guest Designer Shara Crane

Hello, It's Shara Crane and I'm back with a fun Tag Flip for you!  I used the adorable Snow Much Fun collection to put it all together.  I've outlined my process below!  

Follow these steps to make your very own Snow Much Fun Tag Flip! The supplies I used are listed below the post.

Step 1.Using the Freeze Tag page from the collection cut as many tags out that you with to include in your flip. I used two and hand cut another three tags. The tags I hand cut are all a little bit different in size as I like the way it looks…a little unorganized and messy once the tags are all put together to make the tag flip.

Step 2. Using the stickers, ephemera, sprinkles and Doodle Pops decorate your tags. I added hand stitching to one of the tags and backed it with another tag from the Freeze Tag page to hide the back of the stitching. I usually always back my tags, each tag is at least two pieces of paper thick. You can’t tell in photos but when you’re holding it in your hand there is something magical about the feel of thick paper decorated all cute and happy.

Step 3. Using the Crop-A-Dile punch holes at the top of your tags. The tags from the Freeze Tag page already have a guide spot, for any of the hand cut tags I just eyeballed it but if you would like to make sure it’s even use one of your Freeze Tag tags as a guide. Then set each hole with an eyelet. Once all your tags have been eyeleted (yep I just typed that LOL) open your hinged ring and feed your tags onto it.

Step 4. To make a cute tassel cut your scraps, ribbon, trim and or fabric into 5 in long strips (I didn’t use anything over half a inch thick). Lay them out one at a time in a large pile. Take one of the pieces, guide it under the pile in the middle and tie it really tight around all the trim. Pick up the now tied pile and fold it in half so the part that you tied is at the top. Now take a piece of trim or ribbon and tie that pile together about 1/2in away from the top. Tip the ends to make it even and then feed it onto the hinged ring.

Step 5. Making the beaded charm is a bit tricky and will require a technique called wire wrapping. You can also make paper beads or just string some beads and tie them to the hinged ring. This is just a little extra step in adding texture and detail to your tag flip.

Now the best part….flipping through your tag flip and smiling at what you have made. It’s a beautiful feeling enjoying ones art. Thank you for spending time with me and I hope you enjoyed the process. Until next time,  Xoxo.


Snow Much Fun Collection


Fabric strips, ribbon, trim
Hinged ring
DMC Floss
Sewing machine* (Optional. I LOVE my machine and use it on every paper project I make. It’s my most used crafty item for sure.)

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