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SNOW MUCH FUN MINI NOTEBOOKS | with Guest Designer Shara Crane

Hello,  my name is Shara Crane and I am an avid paper crafter that loves all things off the page. Some of my favorite things to make are banners, mini albums and travelers notebooks. I am a mother of two boys (10/14) whom have zero interest in my crafty room, which is just fine with me LOL. I am so happy to be able to share these mini notebooks with you. I used Doodlebug’s new collection Snow Much Fun to create two mini notebooks.  I put together a tutorial for you, so that you can make your own!  The supplies I used are listed below the post.

Everyone can use a fun little notebook!  Follow these steps if you too would like to make one for yourself!

Step 1. I always like to select my papers first. This step takes me quite some time. To me it’s the most important part, the so called foundation, body, heart and soul to your project so take your time and enjoy the process.

Step 2. Cut your pages down to the size you wish to make your notebook. The ones seen here are 4x6. If you have a close look at my “foundation” you will see I used 4 different pieces of paper. One was 4x6 and was the very base. The other three I ripped giving a torn effect on the page. In order to do this take one of your 4x6 papers (using scraps here is super helpful and saves you cutting into a 12x12 piece of paper) and hold the paper with both your left and right hand. Now tear the paper so your right hand goes away from your body and your left hand pulls towards, this step is important because if you do it the other way your paper won’t show the white core and that’s what gives the best torn effect. Now layer your pages in the order you wish.

Step 3. Using ephemera, stickers and sprinkles decorate the cover. Have fun. Put things all over or just a few things here and there. This is your art so make it as you wish. Take your printer/lined paper and cut it down to the size you made your notebook. The Thermal Cinch spin I used was 1/4in and it took about 50 sheets of printer paper to fill the book.

Step 4. Now it’s time to bind the book. Follow the directions on the Thermal Cinch, it’s quick and easy to use. Now sit back, hold your book and smile YOU MADE THAT!

I also sewed my covers before I bound them and added some fun trims! The possibilities are endless

I also sewed my covers before I bound them and added some fun trims! The possibilities are endless.  I will be back later today with another fun project!


Snow Much Fun Collection


We R Makers Thermal Cinch
Thermal Cinch Binding Spins
Printer or lined paper
Pompom trim and or fabric strips
We R Makers Tab Punch
Sewing machine* (Optional. I LOVE my machine and use it on every paper project I make. It’s my most used crafty item for sure.)

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