Tuesday, January 30, 2024


January came in with some very cold temperatures up here in Calgary, so the Snow Much Fun collection has been the perfect fit. Today, I decided that I would play with the idea of using this cool and cute collection for something a warm and cozy - some hot chocolate and tea holders that I could share with people around me.


This was a simple little project to complete. I measured up the hot chocolate sleeves I was using and designed a little wrap that would come up halfway in the front. I then created a sleeve that would pull down over top and hold the tea bags and hot chocolate packages in place.


To embellish the sleeve I broke out one of my favourite products - Doodle Pops! I love the dimension that this product adds to any project. On this project, layered over top of some Odds & Ends die cuts and mini doily, it creates a fun focal point!


And just for fun, I took a couple of the stickers that came with the Doodle Pops and added them onto to the tea bags to tie those into the design as well. It's a little detail that might go unnoticed, but one that adds a finishing touch.


 I have some colleagues that are going to find these on their desks tomorrow and I hope they love them as much as I loved making them! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs,


Snow Much Fun Collection
Mini Doilies

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