Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Gratitude and reflection of your blessings can be perfectly captured in the project that I'm sharing today:

I've constructed this sweet file box and cards from the ground-up...let's see how it all came together!

Let's start with the box construction, shall we?  I wanted this project to be something that you could easily create with just a few basic supplies and the "PUMPKIN SPICE" Collection, of course!

I started with an 8.5X11 sheet of heavy chipboard and cut:
5X5.5 (1-for the bottom)
3X5.5 (2-for the sides)
3X5 (2-for the front and back).  

Place the pieces onto a sheet of patterned paper, leaving an 1/8" gap between each piece (as shown above). Trim away four square sections at each corner.  Fold the tabs around the TOPS of the chipboard pieces and glue NOTE: leave the side tabs unglued as they will be the hinges to hold the sides together.  
Fold all of the sides in.  Again, use the side tabs and glue each one to the opposite side.  

Next, I cut strips of paper and lined the inside of the box (this is a nice contrast and also hides the hinge tabs!).  For the "guides", I glued in two paper straws that were held in place by mini wooden spools.  There are many ways that you could attach the straws if you don't have spools!  

For the file cards: I used sheets of 6X6 papers (from the paper pad) and trimmed to 5X6.  I wanted the cards to be square (optional), so I fold the extra inch at the bottom where I would make the two holes (this adds extra sturdiness too!).  I measured the distance between the two straw guides and made a template to figure out where to punch the holes.  After punching the holes, I cut through the remaining paper (at the bottom of each hole) so that the cards could sit onto the straws and slide.  

Now for the really fun part...decorating and embellishing!  

I used all sorts of fun treats from the collection, as well as Doodlebug basics to make each card unique!  The sheet of journal cards was cut apart and the longer strips cut in half to fit the cards. 

Giving as a gift? Tuck in some extra PUMPKIN SPICE supplies too!  I hope that you'll give it a try...Happy Pumpkin Spice season :)

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