Thursday, February 28, 2019

LOTS O' LUCK - Beautiful Skirt Layout | with Caroli

I love clothes, specially dresses and skirts, so when I found this polka dots and clovers skirt I really fell crazy in love with it. 
Midi skirts are my current wardrobe obsession, and this one is my absolute favorite, so when I saw Lot's Of Luck collection I knew it was perfect for documenting my pretty clovers skirt. All the clovers and green were the perfect fit for my photos. 

I went for a simple design with central columns and used plenty of diecuts from the Odds&Ends package, my favorite item from all Doodlebug Design collections. 

I love when scrapbooking is an excuse to do something in real life, like this time, when using the beautiful Lots O' Luck collection was the excuse to dress up, feel gorgeous and pose like a model in the hedge of my neighbor :)
I hope you like this simple design, maybe you also have a fave outfit you would like to document, just do it! This is the kind of stuff you will surely forget about in few more years and scrapbooking is such a precious tool to treasure your happy memories.

 Thank you for stopping by today!

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