Wednesday, February 20, 2019

LOTS O' LUCK - Mini Album | with Shellye

Show off just how lucky you are with this super cute wall-hanging mini album.  That's's a mini album that can be hung for display!  Perfect for dorms, an office or craft room where space may be limited.
For the base of the album, I've used a small wooden pallet that measures 6"x6".
Next, I created two different sections to cover the top two and then the bottom two slats of wood.  The following recipe was used for both sections: cut base paper 5.5" X 5"; fold in half to measure 5.5" X 2.5".  For the inner-sandwiched papers, I cut double-sided papers that were about 1/8"-1/4" less than the base paper measurements above.  As the papers are sandwiched, adjustments can be made as desired.

I used a 1/4" double-sided tape to hold the papers together along the creases. Two additional folded pages were added to the inside of the base paper.

The backside of the base papers were attached to the wood with high-tack adhesive.  To keep the sections closed, I added some elastic cording.  This can easily be moved down when the pages are being viewed.  

A ribbon hanger was hot-glued to the back of the wood and now it's ready for hanging if desired!

Thank you for joining me today at Doodlebug Designs!

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