Wednesday, February 13, 2019

FRENCH KISS Daily Doodles Planner Pages | with Anabelle

I love decorating my planner during February.  The colors and motifs are all so pretty! French Kiss is the perfect collection to use all month long. It's actually so versatile, you can use it all year! In my last couple of posts, I showed you my Ladybug Daily Doodle and how I set it up using French Kiss. I have my pockets and dashboard done, my calendar and now I've started using French Kiss on my weekly inserts. Here is a look at my week.

I just started using my TN as my work planner. I love the grid sheets in this insert as I was able to create my own design to match my work needs. Here, I used the Fancy Frills to define daily sections on the right side of the page. I used the Teeny Type to label the days and I added some stickers for decoration.

On the left hand side, I chose to add some die cuts and more stickers and left space for my goals for the week.

Since I like having extra space for note taking, extra lists, etc. I decorated the following two pages and created an additional area for this week's information. Designing my insert on the blank grid sheet allowed me to do this.

I added some washi tape. Then I cut to journaling cards and made little flaps on the page. It gives me another space to write on if need be. I used the Teeny Type stickers, again, to define more note taking area. And since the foldable envelopes are just so cute, I had to add one of those on.

As you can see, creating and personalizing an insert is so easy to do using the French Kiss collection along with the Teensy Type and Fancy Frills. And the best part is if I need to modify my design next week, I can do so.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

Doodlebug Products Used:
Doodlepops: Special Delivery
Washi Tape: Sprinkles
Washi Tape: Love Always
Washi Tape: City of Love
Shape Sprinkles: Heart Throb
French Kiss Mini Icon Stickers
French Kiss Odds & Ends
French Kiss This n That Stickers
French Kiss Patterned Paper: Mon Amour
Fancy Frills Card Stock Stickers: Ladybug
Fancy Frills Card Stock Stickers: Swimming Pool
Fancy Frills Card Stock Stickers: Bubblegum
Teensy Type Cardstock Stickers: Bubblegum
Teensy Type Cardstock Stickers: Ladybug
Teensy Type Cardstock Stickers: Swimmingpool
Daily Doodles Travel Planner: Ladybug

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