Thursday, September 7, 2017

All About Me Challenge: Karen Hanson

Hi everyone, it's Karen and today we are getting personal! That's right, lean in because I have some deep, dark secrets all about me to share for our current "All About Me" challenge. And by deep and dark, I really mean bright and fun because this is a Doodlebug post after all!
Okay, so here is my first secret...over the last 8 years, I have become a huge fan of coffee!! What happened 8 years ago that put me onto this caffeinated wonderment?! Well, it was the birth of my first daughter...a little monkey who, unlike me, came into this world with a preference for many evening wake ups and early mornings! So earlier this year, when Doodlebug introduced Cream & Sugar, well, I was in heaven and I knew it would be the perfect collection for my "All About Me" project. Becuase the truth is, my desk is not complete without a rather large mug of coffee!
Now that leads me to secret #notsosecret fact number two...I have a desk that needs a cup of coffee because I also spend my days in the classroom. I am, and have been a teacher for the last 18 years. I love my day job...especially becuase it gives me a reason for secret #3... I love sticky notes as much as I love Doodlebug. In fact, the only thing left to make my life complete would be Doodlebug themed sticky notes! Right?! So why not create a coffee themed Doodlebug sticky note holder...
 ...and because I love a good play on word on my crafty projects (can you put this one together), I decided to add one to the back...
...and a little gluten free goodness on the front because even if a girl has a hubby that has to avoid the stuff like the plague, you can guarantee that this girl with find every gluten free delicatable there might be out macrons!!! All of these little add one were created with the Odds and Ends pack that Doodlebug creates for each collection. Oh, and here's another one of my secrets, I'm not sure that any Doodlebug project I have ever created has gone without a die cut from the Odds and Ends pack! These are worth their weight in gold...
 ...just like mini paper clips, because I mean really, when you are obsessed with stationary, it doesn't get cuter than mini paper clips!!
So there you have it! It's Karen wrapped up Ina little sticky note holder!! Oh, and here's one last tidbit...I love writing crafty tutorials, so perhaps there might be one coming up soon for a project similar to this one! You will just have to come back to see! Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Love love love DoodleBug Designs.....a tutorial would be fantastic since I am not a card maker.

    1. I promise it is coming Paula! And you be amazed at how easy they are to create! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. I'm so glad to hear you will be making a tutorial for this adorable project! Such a great gift idea!

  3. Such a cute project! Always love this collection. :)


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