Thursday, September 14, 2017

All About Me Challenge: Caroli Schulz

Hello there! How are you? it's Caroli and today I want to share my take of the All About Me challenge we are having at DD.

I love the idea of this challenge because often we scrap about our families and tend to forget about documenting our own life, feelings, likes, etc. Life changes so fast, and I think it's a great thing to do to write random stuff about our current life, because is exactly that random stuff what we will forget in the future.

This is the layout I made:

Aa you can see, the main focus is on journaling. I really love to make this kind of projects and pour my heart out in a layout.  I think that in some years it will be cool and fun to read this and remember that I had a crush with Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys or that I was so into dancing and reading , don't you think? :) (Not to mention the good laugh my kids will have reading this, LOL!)

I use Odds&Ends from different collections to illustrate the things I love right now: coffee, unicorns, baking, parties, music, magic... so many cute things!

I have been hoarding this glittery unicorn Doodle Pop for months, waiting for a project that was good enough and worth to crack it open, and I finally had the guts to use it on this layout. I'm glad I did it, it's perfect!

I love to combine my own handwriting and Teensy Type alphas, they are perfect for this kind of layouts with its of journaling.

I'm glad I got to make this project about myself and that I am sharing it here today with you. I highly encourage you to document your current life, it's fun and a nice thing to do for ourselves. Have a lovely day!

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